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Why was B4 nerfed and not B1?

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edited June 2017 in General Chat
How about you guys at Nexon go do the jump quest and then tell us how long it took you to finish.


  • QuickDrawerQuickDrawer
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    Nexon:2 seconds
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    ...I would like something done about B1
  • BluxarxenBluxarxen
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    I haven't made much progress on B1 but a change I did notice was that they changed the position of some of the steam jets. Doesn't make it easier unless being able to access the ladder now helps on the way back. Didn't get that far today.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    I don't recall anything being nerfed from B4 to begin with.
    [Complete] Scheduled Maintenance – June 1, 2017

    Various changes will be made to the Mechanical Hearts event to balance the difficulty.
    • A visual hint for the broken vent in the Investigation Mode of map B4 will be added.
    • Players will no longer get stuck in some traps in Rescue Mode in map B4.
    • Guide indicators will be added to map B4 in Rescue Mode.

    If anything, B4 was given more direction to players who were completely lost. It didn't change the difficulty of it at all.

    But yes, B4 is not nearly as bad as the B1 Conveyor and Lasers. For me to go through that every single day, I still can't believe that I'm the one who did that. I wish more people were more fortunate like me and got passed this Rescue mode hell.

    Especially with inconvenient disconnections or bans(this one in particular got fixed rather quickly WITHOUT A MAINTENANCE!?), I can't imagine how other people are suffering. I understand the Rescue mission is do-able, I know that first-hand. But we also have to remember that this is a limited time event, and there is only a limited of time where changes can be made mid-way before it is too late when the event passes.

    If the bugs, and rescue mission was revised I can bet you this thing topped, and would absolutely slaughter and destroy the Re:Zero Attendance Event into oblivion.
  • ZeroShadowZeroShadow
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    What they REALLY need to fix is the elevator that "Sometime" drops low enough to climb the top of it. I would say 75% of the time when I run Stage 4 - B1 the elevator will NOT drop after reaching the portal. It's happen so often I've gotten pretty decent at running the entire conveyor belt backwards! Which shouldn't have been a skill I needed to learn for this event!