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Do you even intend to fix the Monstropoly glitch?

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edited June 2017 in General Chat
Not once have I played a game that I've been able to actually finish.

I don't know how this game defines 'winning', but often times when the game freezes and ends by time-out I lose regardless of my rank.

And when that happens, the Admin says I was too lazy to play and gives me no coins. I mean, what the hell.

People have been reporting this since day 1 of the event, yet it wasn't even mentioned on today's maintenance.

And considering that many Wondroid jq glitches are still there untouched, I assume the chance of this bug getting fixed rather low.

You performed an unscheduled maintenance to fix the Wondroid coin exploit glitch. Why can't you do the same for this?

Is it because this glitch is not 'beneficial' to us?


  • HesbellaHesbella
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    edited June 2017
    The amount of respect nexon has for players is so low that I actually don't expect them to say anything about this glitches.
    You forgot to say that the Mini-game achievement is impossible to get since Monopoly is unplayable :/
    Typical of nexon...
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    I gave up on mini games...since it's broken, why get the other achievements for absolutely no purpose.