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Scania or Reboot for someone returning?

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Hi! I'm thinking of returning to the game and it's been about a year since I last played. I'm unsure of which server to play on though. I'm mostly interested in the social aspect of the game, so which server between reboot and scania would have a livelier, funner player base? P2W doesn't bug me.


  • UnforgivennnUnforgivennn
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    Both are pretty good in population, but in reboot you sacrifice trading/selling/buying between other players which is a big part of the game

  • ChukkiChukki
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    Reboot is pretty boring.

    Regular is too expensive.

    Since you are interested in the social aspect then probably Reboot is for you.

    If you aren't paying for your damage in regular servers then nobody will even talk to you. That's just how competitive this community has turned.
  • MetaRaidMetaRaid
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    Scania if you like trading and having P2W options. Reboot if you like farming and gearing your characters without trading. Social aspect is a bit different, Reboot people can be more friendlier but watch out for the bad people.
  • bumbertyrbumbertyr
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    There's a lot of factors too playing a normal server compared to the reboot server.

    You can trade in the normal servers, you can't in reboot

    Cubes are sold for Mesos in Reboot while they're sold for real money in the normal servers

    Reboot promotes a more social aspect however is more of a grind than the normal servers.

    It's easier to progress in the main servers, however it's mainly due to the use of irl money.

    these are just a few examples of what to expected when it comes to the differences between the servers. I'd recommend doing a thorough investigation into the pros and cons of each server and deciding based on your findings.

    Welcome back and enjoy your stay!