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Remove Monster Park's level limit

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edited June 2017 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
Those who are participating in the Breakthrough event can't complete Lv 140 & 150 mission once they hit 160 because they can no longer enter Intermediate Monster Park. Not to mention that they cannot accept or complete any more missions because they haven't done the previous quests.

Too harsh of a punishment for overlevelling, don't you think?


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited June 2017
    Regardless of this event, the level limits on the portals make no sense.
    When you're level 115 you can enter the level 150 dungeon, (and at 150 you can enter the 115 dungeon), if you really want to, because they're in the same "gate".
    But when you're 159 you can't enter the 161 dungeon, or vice versa, because they're in separate "gates".
    What's the rationale behind that?
  • kennyabsillikennyabsilli
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    Just hit the same problem because I was so focused on leveling my Jett during 2x.
  • xSakuraHimexSakuraHime
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    edited June 2017
    SAME! I just tried to enter the level 140 requirement dungeon to start getting my rewards on my level 167 Aran and I couldn't enter...
  • DiscordOfColorsDiscordOfColors
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    that hit right at home.. :'( please fix it nexon!