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Problem with the customer support (hear me out)

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To start of I would like to give a quick background story about myself.

I worked in the customer service and retail industry for over 5 years. I have worked with the management and have supervised shifts before. Handling with customers is the main thing I enjoyed doing form my years of experience and when people do it carelessly, it's hard to look at and I try to help them out.

Recently a couple of people have been getting their accounts banned due to the auto banning system (not really an issue, it happens). However, after they appeal for the removal of their ban, they all been getting a generic approach that their case has been looked over and that the ban will stay even though they are innocent. This ends the user feeling like the been answered by a mechine that is just commanded to automatically answer. The answers that are given by the customer service in the ban appeal are always generic and are never specific so the appealer feels like the person never actually looked into their case. (There were 3 threads with a copy paste response for 3 different people by 3 different gms).

Let's say those people were actually guilty, then what about Sorrowfulm, a youtuber that got his account hacked and was never treated correctly until he got a "real" GM took the case into his hands and solved the problem. The reason I said real is because this person actually comes to work to do work. He did his job, he actually sat down and worked for what he is getting payed for, unlike the other person that was making this case a nightmare.

I do use reddit every now and then, but after reading a couple of threads around here I feel like people don't like their presents here. I just want the game to improve, if 1 person is taking 1 week, and after it gets released to the public that a youtuber is getting treated poorly, a person finishes it within a day, then something is wrong.

TL;DR There are a large amount of people who keep on getting an automatic response from customer support leaving them with a feeling that those people have never actually opened their case and just gave the automatic response due to not wanting to put any workload on themselve.


  • DarkPassengerDarkPassenger
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    From what I hear about people's experiences with auto bans and such, you make a strong point.

    I also like how you don't use slander or any language that attacks Nexon or Game Masters, so your post should be fine.

    Edit: to put into perspective, at one time my account got locked because someone tried to log into it from another IP, like outside of the United States. So I would say they did good in locking it, then I contacted support, and a "live" GM responded, took care of the situation after I showed it was my account and such by sending an image of my ID card. Perhaps an account lock is different than a ban since it's more about account security.

    compared to what I read others post when they get banned, some they dont make a strong case because things seem fishy, but some do make it seem like they get mechanical responses, then again, the GMs have to do things as well by Nexon policy. And the only way to filter out hackers is to have a strong/strict policy when it comes to ban appeals and how they handle bans.
  • DaisukeHarutoDaisukeHaruto
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    for a few years, 2010-12 was a bit of a nightmare with GMs, or one that kept answering my tickets on a vac-hacker in the Jester's area. When I would report the person with pictures and videos of him appearing in the middle of the room, suck up everything including anything that just dropped from someone killing a Jester, the GM we'll call GMBeraLeeThere because I don't recall the name and don't want to be nameshaming the GMs. But GMBeraLeeThere would whisper me "Stop harrassing him. He's only doing that to clean up the area."
    As far as I know only GMs could legitimately clear a map of junk but none do since drops vanishes on their own, so yeah. The GM would threaten to have my account not only banned but purged if I kept 'harassing the hackers'

    about 2015 when I came back from a long vacation to keep my character names from becoming #123456789, I noticed that I could report hackers without GMBeraLeeThere telling me to stop it. I can only assume that Nexon got tired of getting Tickets concerning him or her. I've not had issues with GMs doing me wrong other than that one. Mostly I think reports on hackers lately goes to the round file (waste basket) automatically. But that's only my opinion.
  • SmadarSmadar
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    I was writing about this long ago. my bishop's account (12+ years old 100 % legit account, never ever broke any rule) got perm banned for nothing on March.
    After getting robot repeated answers from the support I gave up on communicating with NEXON.
    I also caught them lying few times. they are very lazy and do not care about the time and money you invested.

    blackcipher got some kind of "crash reporter " and if you d.c. too much you get auto perm ban and the GMs hired to close your ticket ASAP will not give you more than 30 seconds of attention.

    next time you log into the game just remember that NEXON own your pixel and can do with them whatever they want any second.
    do not invest your time and money on this company / game.
  • Its2Sharp4UIts2Sharp4U
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    Awareness of "possible false bans" into the community hasn't done much productivity, but more of chaos and lack of order.

    Many of us as the community have speculated wrongfully in the past that "x person looks like a hacker" but was really legitimate.
    The community has also speculated wrongfully in the past "y person looks legit" but was really a hacker/cheater.

    There's also the issue that just because they got banned during legitimate scenarios that they were actually punished for a past crime that had gone unnoticed until recently.

    But if you, or anyone strongly believe that you have been falsely banned I would highly recommend and suggest you to private message one of the VFMs (Volunteer Forum Moderators) or the CM (Community Manager) if you've already submit a ticket or contacted live chat and have been denied of release. This is the only way I can see anything productive happening and any chance that if said person was really legitimate they will be found of evidence and let go.
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    Smadar wrote: »
    I was writing about this long ago. my bishop's account (12+ years old 100 % legit account, never ever broke any rule) got perm banned for nothing on March.

    I hesitate to say this, but a quick glance through your post history reveals that you explained exactly why you were considered banned in the first place. Said thread is currently within a private VFM forum due to the personal information it contains, however it did go on for three pages, contained numerous opinions from various users and contained not one but two posts from Arwoo stating that your specific case was being investigated.
    While I personally can't comment on your innocence or guilt for the sake of remaining impartial, you were given a reason, and you received the exact opposite of a "robot repeated answer". Please do not encourage crusades against Nexon or accuse people of lying. If you want to review the comments made in your thread regarding your investigation, I can screenshot some highlights of the thread and PM them to you (including Arwoo's response, arguments in favor of your case, and arguments against your case), so long as you take them to review and don't create a duplicate thread on the subject.

    Ban details and ban appeal details are typically meant to be kept between the accused user and Nexon. In most cases, these types of threads typically degrade into Nexon bashing, proof-by-anecdote, and generally toxic behavior. That is why they're kept between the accused user and Nexon; in the past, the community has not demonstrated that they are capable of handling accusations properly, going as far as flip-flopping on their opinions whenever they hear of new evidence (or even just hearing a convincing rant about why the other side is wrong).
    While feedback is appreciated, please do not resort to bashing Nexon or other users as a means of proving your points. OP is very polite, thank you, but please don't derail this legitimate feedback simply to bash Nexon. That is all.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    @Neospector, I believe the thread you're referring to is about Smadar's Kaiser, not her Bishop.

    As for the original topic:
    It's not only in the case of bans that Nexon Customer Support seems manned by automata.

    Note: the following is all speculation, my thoughts based on interactions I have had with Nexon's Customer Support and interactions I have observed when people post their ticket responses or live chat transcripts.

    From what I see, Nexon's Customer Support (which is outsourced except for the Senior GMs) suffers from two major problems:

    1. The agents know very little about the game. They work with a "knowledge base". They let a computer read your ticket or the opening statement of your live chat, and it spits out the responses for them to give. If the computer fails to recognize your issue, you will get a very generic response.
    The agents also have very limited access to game logs and other information which would help them investigate your case.

    2. The agents are measured by the number of tickets closed or calls processed. We are asked to rate the service we got, but I believe those ratings matter very little. It's to be expected that people will leave a bad review for a CS agent who refused to give them something they don't actually deserve, for example. What does matter is number of cases closed. And that means the CS agents are highly motivated to blow you off as quickly as possible. Investigating bans takes a lot of time. Writing up a bug check request for QA takes time. Hunting down hacked items takes time. All these things players want take time. It's so much easier to say, "Sorry, I know how you feel, but I can't help you with that. Is there anything else I can do for you today?" and get to the next case.

    These two issues together are deadly.
    The only ones not suffering from them are the Senior GMs. So if you get wrongfully banned or otherwise stuck with a game issue that the regular CS agents refuse to discuss with you, you just have to hope and pray that a Senior GM will take an interest in your case.

    Needless to say, that's really not how things should be.
  • TheHoATheHoA
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    I have to agree with this sadly - I know you guys have to cover your butts legally but cmon, NO ONE likes seeing a copy/paste response (the one at the end of a chat is acceptable though)
  • NeospectorNeospector
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    AKradian wrote: »
    @Neospector, I believe the thread you're referring to is about Smadar's Kaiser, not her Bishop.

    No, I read quite clearly, it's regarding the Bishop. The Kaiser is their main, it was the Bishop character that was affected for this particular issue.

    Regardless the point still stands. Constructive criticism, not bashing.
  • Xenon92Xenon92
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    i had one acc that was only 7 days old that was perma banned and the reasoning was because the in game name i used was being sold in the black market lol.
    "contact me on game, my ign is "....." " lmao
    this was around the time where IGN wiped happened.