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Eluna every hour Combines Game Freezes/Crash =EPIC

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Who made this Eluna event that makes us have to online exactly on the hour? can't you even think a bit, this game is unstable, freezes everywhere, Crash Anytime. Worst game ever who can't even solve the crashing bug since 7 months ago and now they add game client freeze from last 1 month. A real epic game with CRASH+ FREEZE. I Freeze+crash like 20 times a day and it is already sooo annoying. And now you are making an event that requires us to be online on the exact time every hour? Are you mad? Plaese make event considering everything. I was waiting for 30 mins early for eluna and at 58 mins, the game freeze then it crashed. 1 of my friend also has the game client crashed. Want my score, 0/10. I AM SO MADDDD and SAD T________T Why not making it like we can enter it once perhour anytime we want T_____T


  • MageOfBattlesMageOfBattles
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    Yeahhh, I crashed inside of eluna, I'm still really peeved. I was totally going to get 100% prospector ranking too.
  • ToraAlluriaToraAlluria
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    the good thing is that they scheduled the event for when most people are sleeping or at work, so the crash doesn't affect most of the players.
  • DividedFlowDividedFlow
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    Aside from crashing every hour for unknown reasons at exactly the time the express runs,
    the times I actually get to go in Eluna, about 7-9 players keep spamming fifth jobs all at once and I get disconnected. I'm getting real sick of getting in and hoping for some exp and then disconnecting about 20 seconds after getting into the field.

    Don't know how I'm going to reach Rank S 10 times. RIP all that potential exp.