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Çrystals and Magic Powders not stacking up to 3000

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edited August 2017 in Bug Reporting
Bug type: Inventory is too clogged

Brief bug summary: Crystals and magic powders still stack up to 100, in the patch notes it was mentioned this would be increased to 3000, it was even featured in the interview with Arwoo and SavageAce!

More details:


Steps to reproduce:
1. Open up ETC
2. Select your 100 Crystals
3. Drag them on top of the same type crystals
4. Or instead of step 2 and 3, use the arrow to fill up clean slots in your inventory.

Character name: Yonaku
Character level: 228
Character job: Kanna
World name: Luna
Date and time of the incident: 31-08-2017


  • SilvaSilva
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    edited August 2017
    uhh what? It says Many consumable items have their max stack count increased to 3,000.

    Nowhere did it mention magic crystal and magic powder?
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