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pet loot lag......................................

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lag.... 1 time this is my wish. i want to play this game 1 time without my screen getting frozen for 10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! freaking seconds when im farming mesos.
im for eu... im not even freaking close to NA servers in any way. it dosnt matter how you look at it. im freaking far off from the NA servers as a result from that im lagging soooooooooooooooooooo hard when im farming like it takes me 1 and a half minutes to pick up mesos that i farmed for 40 seconds!!!!!! according to maple.watch im getting between 500-3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ping in every ch!!!!! 3000k!!!!!! doest it make any sence to you that a person should have 3000 ping in a game only because he dosnt live in north america???? especially when this game is SUPER worldwide and there is so many diffrent countries playing this game.


  • YonaxYonax
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    Normally from europe you should have a 200-400 ping to NA servers. If you wanna reduce your ping to <100 I would suggest you to play on Luna, that server is in Europe.
  • BowmaNxNLBowmaNxNL
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    ^ This is why there is a European server (Luna)