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Hayato Characters stuck at Level 150 Quest

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All my Hayato characters are stuck at the Level 150 Quest named "Sengoku Showdown" and I can't find a solution, not in-game not online.

I started a new burner Hayato, which I have deleted after this problem and being stuck. It was already Level 160 something so it wasn't easy to delete. Anyway, since I came across this Bug, I have created two other Hayato class characters, and experienced the same issue with all of them. When I reach Lvl 150, the quest "Sengoku Showdown becomes available by talking to Takeda Shingen, and you have to go to Honnou-ji Southern Gates.

I have looked online for days just to make sure I'm actually going to the correct map, and I'm certain that I am going to the correct map: the portal that is in-front of a tent, two maps from the camp. As soon as I try to enter said portal, there's a cling sound (that of an error message), a black screen and the music playing, and then I'm stuck! I saw a few posts on this on other forums aswell so this is not something new. Please, it's hard to believe that I am the only player with this issue on all his Hayato characters.

I really hope that this issue is resolved after the new Maintenance.

Character name: LaSamurai
Character level: 150
World name: Luna
Date and time: Constant Issue


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    I really hope someone else can, I sure don't want to be the only one,

    But like I said, it happened to 4 of my Hayato characters already.

    I just tried doing the quest again, hoping it may have been fixed. Firstly after forfeiting the quest and accepting it again, I immediately received a "Quest Complete" bubble at the bottom of the screen and next to the active quest.

    When I entered into the area for the quest, I sound for completing the quest was there, but then still just black screen.
  • BluebHairyBluebHairy
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    AlexF wrote: »

    Can anyone else reproduce this?

    I started a new character on Windia, and still have the same issue with a bugged questline! This is I think the 5th character I had this issue with, only difference with this one is that its on another world!

    Thru this "looking for a world I can actually play Hayato with", I have lost about 150Mil Mesos, each character having had between 20 and 40mil mesos.