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Firestarter Ring Deleted

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edited September 2017 in General Chat
So I obtained the firestarter ring from marvel machine and redeemed it. But it disappeared after last Friday's maintenance. Submitted a ticket and also talk with live chat support. All replies are the same: They could find my records of redeeming the ring but couldn't find any other records thereafter. And there goes the same reply again and again - sorry but they couldn't find any supporting documents. So there is nothing they nor I can do.

I'm so disappointed. You paid a lot for something but it could be deleted without any notice.


  • BuckYouBuckYou
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    edited September 2017
    You should receive a firestarter ring coupon in the gift box once its fixed. Apparently it was causing game issues so they took the gift box away temporarily, but we are still having issues anyways... so.. ya
  • SeerowSeerow
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    I am having the same problem as you @NightPrayer9. I'm hoping it comes back whenever they fix the boxes but I also filed a ticket. Don't expect a reply different from what you got though.