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NX clothing with defects

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As someone that collects a lot of cash clothes, I've noticed some items have errr...defects? It bothers me because I go and spend mesos on these items and then find problems with them so I never wear them! Here are just a few examples from items that I own, although I have seen many others with similar issues which I have not purchased.


Deer Headband: the ears are hidden behind my character, and can be almost completely hidden with different hairstyles.

Chipmunk Ears: why is my hair being flattened by the ears? There's another similar chipmunk ears nx hat that does the same thing, as well as 'Green Leaf Hat' and the Absolute Chef food hats. If this was intentional then it just looks ridiculous.

Pumpkin-Colored Witch Hat: This isn't a huge issue, it's just kind of annoying and ugly to look at when someone clicks on my character or if I'm in a chat window. I also noticed this with 'Huge Flower Hat' when I clicked on someone wearing it.

Prince of Darkness, Kerning Engineering School Uniform: the pant-legs on both cover my shoes.

I'm not sure if anything will be done to fix these issues but it's worth a shot.

Please feel free to leave a comment if you know of more items with problems like this.


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    • Rock Spirit Hat
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