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How do I stop this game redownloading every patch?

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Super desperate for any help, doesn't have to be nexon since tickets have gotten no where.

Every.Single.Patch in 2017 my launcher verifies my files then starts to re-download the entire 10GB game. Never happened prior to 2017 but something this year has caused this and frankly I don't have the time nor internet plan to always be downloading 10GB of data (family member works from home and is in multi media so just one file can be over 90GB+ and so I don't like chewing up our data plan when the game is already on my system), honestly I go into the folders and it's all just sitting there, all that needs to be added is the new patch, not the whole game.... @#%$#^!!

  • Made sure drivers are always updated
  • made sure anti-virus and anti-malware are not blocking maplestory
  • temporarily turned off firewalls
  • repaired installation
  • uninstalled and reinstalled launcher
  • did all that Msconfig crap to troubleshoot
  • released/renewed IP
  • flushed dns
  • ticketed nexon support and went through weeks of back and forth where I had to do things like DXdiag reports, traceroutes, rpocess lists etc etc - stalemate no one can help, best advice was to just let the game redownload which is not a solution at all since the game files are there on my computer, it's launcher that isn't noticing them.
  • moved my maplestory folder around (a workaround which helped some, details here: https://www.reddit.com/r/Maplestory/comments/6ovjyz/workaround_for_redownloading_10gb_every_time_you/)
  • bitched to my friends

So I need help, how do I get this launcher to read the game files already on my computer??? I honestly don't understand, it happens every patch.

In the past my work around was make a few back up copies of all folders and save to my external drive and when the launcher tries to redownload I would delete the entire game and launcher files on the computer and open the game up on the backup file, once the game loads then make a fresh copy and move it back to my C:// and start again but today those are not even working, it is just so unreasonable since perfectly fine files are right there, looking back at me. OMG so frustrating I was only in the game yesterday lol >.< stupid blind launcher

Help? anyone?

So because i actually like playing this game (even though you make it hard some days with junk like being forced to redownload the game all the time), yet again, I downloaded the full game and when I went to log in....


  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    Have you tried playing through steam? Sometimes the launcher gets like this, mine keeps trying to install the C++ redistributable.
  • KhongiKhongi
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    maplestory is a guilty indulgence I rather not share with my buddy list on steam lol.

    in the end I had to uninstall everything and reinstall so two days later (my isp is potato so 10gb takes most a day to donwload) and it's working again.

    Honestly "uninstall & redownload" shouldn't be a sole fix for this since the bulk of the files are on the computer already.
  • HardmuscleHardmuscle
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    Despite playing this game since the dawn of time (please kill me), I haven't been as active over the last 6 to 8 months. Due to my other addictions I dare not speak of here (Nexon related addictions; because we blame them for everything, right? {I'm kidding}.). ~ Anyways. When I clicked the Play button for MapleStory (and only for MapleStory) the launcher insisted I reinstall Visual C++ 2015, and it'll provide it, but it refused to install properly and I was able to skip/close it and play anyways (for some reason) and then it disconnected. (I've never had a problem with Visual C++ Redists, going all the way back to 2005). I was only able to install it properly after I uninstalled Visual C++ 2017 (It has never been like this for any of the Redists in the past 12 years). ~ Anyways. I'm sure this hang-up has something to do with Nexon Launcher's sudden inability to function properly. This thread has prompted me to back-up the whole installation. The last thing I want to do is re-download. (I swear to the flying spaghetti monster, I feel jinxed. This better not happen to me, lol I'll snap!). /facepaw
    Edit: The Visual C++ 2017 Redistributables erroneously overwrite the 2015 installations. (I filed a complaint to Microfail & VS 2 days ago).