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Look of the Month - October Winner Announcement

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Ahoy, Maplers! The votes from our panel of judges are in and our winners of the Halloween fashion have been selected.

Unlike previous months, October's contest required a Halloween twist and many of our contestants showed us the horrors (which is actually good in this case!) See the results of the scoring below and a congratz to our winners~

Official October Look of the Month Scoring Sheet:
Grand Prize Winner


"At the foot of the mountains in Zipangu amidst the endless fog, they say that restless spirits wander the dimly lit forest. Locals say that one spirit in particular appears as a woman with alluring beauty. However, you mustn't chase her, for she'll lead you further and further into the forest and you too shall become a restless spirit, forever wandering the woods."

A very convincing Halloween ghost look inspired by a traditional Japanese horror folktale takes the grand prize!
Runner Ups


"ZOIKS!" Not only is Sparklee's cosplay of Velma from Scooby-Doo accurate, but it's a perfect concept for October's theme contest!


Quite unsettling! There's just something about little girls and dolls that evokes an ominous feeling. lim0ne shows us that looks can clearly be deceiving. Just imagine her climbing a ladder (looks cute from behind) then reaching the top to see that face!!!


A ghostly look that tells of a ghastly story. DreamWeaver not only shows us a theme perfect for Halloween, but tells us the tale behind this haunted image. See their story here

Thank you to everyone who participated in October's Look of the Month contest and don't be discouraged if you didn't win!

If you did not win this month's contest, we'd love to see your entry again within this upcoming month!
Winners are NOT permitted to enter the same look in future Look of the Month contests, however, this rule does not apply for those who have yet to hold a winning look (Runner Up does not count as a winning look)

We'll be sending out the prizes before 11/14/2017, please contact us if you do not receive your Maple Points by the specified date.

    Grand Prize:
  • BDO - 35,000 Maple Points

    Runner Ups:


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    Thank you Arwoo! This is very encouraging and I will keep on doing my style! :D
  • SparkleeSparklee
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    JINKIES!!! Runner up ! WOOP!

    Congrats BDO, that look is just amazing! Congrats to the other runner ups also! <3
  • DreamWeaverDreamWeaver
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    I've never won anything in my life! Thank you! <3 B) o:)
  • krskkrsk
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    Congrats to all the winners!
  • TimidTimid
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    Congrats to the winners. (^_^)/ Awesome entries.
  • BluejeansBluejeans
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    Congratulations everyone! Cool themes. :)