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Demon Avenger Suggestions

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Hello, my name is Timmy and I've been playing Maplestory for several years now. One of the classes that I am frequently playing is Demon Avenger. Please note that Demon Avenger's primary stat is HP and secondary stat is STR. Feel free to post below your thoughts and opinions.

#1 Increase the Passive HP for Maple Warrior 31
-Currently, the skill "Maple Warrior" for Demon Avenger doesn't apply the "All Stats assigned APs". However, the skill increases our HP passively. At level 31, the skill increases our HP by 15% when it should be 16%. This can be done by using the skill "Decent Combat Orders" or receiving the skill "Combat Orders" from a Paladin in the same party. Other classes will receive a 16% increase to their All Stats upon using Maple Warrior 31, why should Demon Avengers only receive 15%?

#2 Increase the Max HP% lines we receive from Legendary Potential on Tier 4 Equipment (Level 151-250 Equipments)
-Currently, the highest amount of Max HP% we can get from cubing Legendary Tier 4 Equipment, such as "Sweetwater Tattoo" or "Sweetwater Monocle" will result in 12%, yet other stats like "STR", "DEX", "INT", or "LUK" will give 13%. Before the "V Update", Max HP% were able to receive the same amount as the others, which was 13%. This is extremely unfair for Demon Avengers since our primary stat is HP and we lose out because it doesn't give us a higher amount for having a better Tier (Equipment level).

#3 Implement HP into Jett's Link Skill "Core Aura"
-Jett's link skill gives out a total of 6 different stats which are Weapon Attack, Magic Attack, STR, DEX, INT, and LUK. However, it is missing Demon Avenger's primary stat which is HP. It almost feels like HP was forgotten when they were inputting these stats. I've made a suggestion about the issue a while ago here http://forums.maplestory.nexon.net/discussion/16147/core-aura?new=1 but I'd like to bring it up again in this suggestion where I've combined all of my ideas to making Demon Avenger a bit more fair against other classes. I really hope you guys can understand that this is a disadvantage to the class since they don't benefit off of STR, DEX, INT, and LUK very much compared to their primary stat, which is HP. You can easily apply a random amount to people who have the skill depending on their Tier.

#4 Add HP Basic & Advanced Gollux Scrolls
-Currently, Advanced Gollux Scrolls will give 4 Weapon Attack, 4 Magic Attack, and 3 All Stats upon success. This is good for every class except Demon Avengers because it is lacking HP, which is their primary stat. I'd like to suggest that we add a second type of Basic and Advanced Gollux Scroll into the Gollux Coin Shop which can be purchased by anyone once a day like the original ones. However, they should be replacing the "3 All Stats" except "STR" with some "HP". You may decide how much HP is appropriate and what the scroll shall be called, but I believe 150 HP for Advanced Gollux Scrolls and 50 HP for Basic Gollux Scrolls is fair since it isn't replacing the secondary stat from the scroll and we can receive 150 HP from 70% Spell Trace scrolls which is equivalent to 3 STR 70% Spell Trace scrolls upon Superior Engraved Gollux Pendants and other Superior Gollux Accessories. Hope you can understand that. This also means we would have to re-scroll our Gollux Equipment if we'd like the HP version.

#5 Revamp 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scrolls & make them obtainable through an NPC which we can trade our 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll for Armor for
-The highest amount of HP which a scroll can give are the 30% Spell Trace scrolls (HP) that currently give 470 HP upon success, which is fair. However, there are Scrolls known as "Prime Scroll" which give 10 All Stats upon success, which is useless to Demon Avengers since their primary stat is HP. When it comes to scrolling Armor, 10 primary stat for non-Demon Avenger classes is equivalent to 675 HP for a Demon Avenger, which is a huge difference to the 30% Spell Trace scrolls for HP especially since Prime Scrolls benefit secondary stat for others as well. This is a huge discouragement to play Demon Avenger because of the lack of end-game content, such as Prime Scrolling. I'd like to suggest to increase the HP on the 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scrolls. Currently, the 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scrolls give 250 HP, 250 MP, and 10 Defense upon success yet we're able to receive 470 HP by using the 30% Spell Trace scrolls. These scrolls exist in the game, but they were never given out to players, which is why I'm suggesting that we have an NPC which we can exchange our 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll for Armors that we obtain from places such as Marvel Machine. The 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scrolls scrolls are currently untradeable, which is fine with me. You may decide how much HP is appropriate and which NPC or what NPC should be created for exchanging, but I believe the 9th Anniversary Prime Armor Enhancement Scrolls should be a total of 700 HP, 250 MP, and 10 Defense upon success due to the fact that we lose out on secondary stat from the 9th Anniversary Prime Scroll for Armor as well. As for the NPC, I believe Maple Administrator is appropriate for the exchange, just be sure to let players know what will happen along with a warning before they proceed.

#6 Implement HP into Tyrant Hyades Cloak, Shoes, and Belt
-Currently, there are a total of 4 different Tyrant Equipment. 1 of them give a fair amount of HP, which are the "Tyrant Hyades Glove". However, the other three such as "Tyrant Hyades Cloak", "Tyrant Hyades Shoes", and "Tyrant Hyades Belt" provide 50 All Stats each, and no HP. This is a huge loss to Demon Avengers due to the amount of Primary Stat which isn't given. You may decide what is appropriate, however since each of the Tyrants that are lacking primary stat for Demon Avenger give 50 All Stats, I personally believe 2,500 HP on each of them is fair.

Thank you for your time in reading my suggestion, feel free to take your time and discuss these issues the class is currently experiencing.


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    Mostly good suggestions not sure I quite agree with number 7 but maybe I don't quite understand what you mean there.

    I'd also like to suggest rethinking Demon Avenger's 5th job skills. In their current form I think they are pretty awful, conflict with each other and the class as a whole. While I'm not a fan of either skill, I think Demonic Frenzy is the one causing the most problems.

    At level 1 Demonic Frenzy reads:
    HP Cost: 20%, consumes 6000 HP per sec, Healing Restriction: items and skills can only heal 1% of Max HP, hit damage -30% (including the damage proportional to Max HP)
    Final Damage: +1% per 4% HP consumed, your demonic blood spills periodically to coat the ground for 5 sec and deal 308% damage on up to 10 enemies 2 times
    When your HP falls below 1%, the HP loss and demonic blood will cease
    Can be toggled
    Cooldown: 149 sec
    This means DA's get a varying amount of Final Damage based on how much HP they have lost. The best case then is to be at 1% HP (5k HP at most) for the maximum FD boost, but this leaves the player extremely vulnerable. The anti-AFK mobs pose a real risk should the player forget to turn off frenzy or cast Forbidden Contract.

    Players might also attempt to use Frenzy during boss fights, but unless the boss is grounded and not moving so that the damage from the pools of blood outpaces the HP loss, the extra damage isn't worth the risk of dying. In this case, you also wouldn't be getting any of the extra final damage. Forbidden Contract allows the player 30 seconds of free use of the blood pools, but again, no extra Final Damage.

    With the long cooldown on the skill, it makes it extremely situational to use. The extra -30% damage (the only buff to DA's in the last year or so if I recall correctly) would almost be nice, but the HP drain makes it is almost useless in my experience.

    DA's second 5th job skill, Demonic Blast, at level 1 reads:
    Consumes 1% of Max HP to attack up to 8 enemies. Consumes an additional 3% of current HP per second while charging.
    Lv. 1 (No Charge): Deals 520% damage 7 times, restores 5% of Max HP
    Lv. 2 (3 sec Charge): Deals 676% damage 9 times, restores 12% of Max HP
    Lv. 3 (4 sec Charge from Lv. 2): Deals 832% damage 12 times, restores 20% of Max HP, Critical Rate +100%, Ignore Def +100%
    Cooldown: 10 sec

    Admittedly, I've not used the skill all that much due to my frustration with DA's as a whole and taking a break from playing, but I'll go by what I can remember here. This skill hurts because I feel like it's a glorified Big Bang with its charging mechanic. The skill should be pretty decent looking at the numbers alone but it just doesn't seem to work that well. The AOE is fairly small and if you are looking for a quick AOE attack that is going to hit a bunch of mobs, Thousand Swords is usually the better option.

    The HP restored by Demonic Blast actually bypasses Demonic Frenzy, meaning you end up losing out on some Final Damage from Frenzy for a little bit as you heal. Which makes the whole thing a bit confusing since the devs obviously took into account that the player might be using the Frenzy and tried to give it a buff, but it ends up countering part of Frenzy's power.

    All in all, it feels like a dev looked up some of the terms previously used in other DA skills and kinda just threw them together for 5th Job.