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Character name

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So I want to change my name from XxRaRoCxX to "Yael" now I know it is a 4 letter name which I search for it on all servers but could not find it or not created. so I am asking if it is possibly banned and a gm could delete their character so I can have that name? yes, I know this sound too big but just wondering.


  • NeonTwilightNeonTwilight
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    This is not necessarily a banned character. In my experience when a name is taken by a character that never logged in it will not appear in the rankings.

  • AKradianAKradian
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    Even when we had the big name-clearing event, 2.5 years ago, Nexon intentionally did not release names that were on banned accounts.
    Also, if someone gets temporarily banned they remain off-ranks even after their ban ends.