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Can't sell boss crystals to NPC in FM entrance

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Bug type: Can't sell boss crystal to NPC in FM entrance

Brief bug summary: When you try to sell boss crystals to the NPC it refuses to buy them off you. As well as that there amount of mesos on the meso crystals got changed to 1 meso each. These crystals where from my CRA and Hmag/Nmag runs so the good ones giving on average about 8m each a loss of 50m mesos.

Steps to reproduce:

1. Kill a boss
2. Loot a boss crystal
3. NPC the boss crystals in FM entrance

(if not covered in the summary)

Character name: Yonaku
Character level: 234
Character job: Kanna
World name: Luna

Date and time of the incident: 1th of March 2018, 10:20 CET
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Screenshots with the bug:





  • OkhuraOkhura
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    edited March 2018
    Thanks, its been forwarded.
  • MayetalaMayetala
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    Bug type: Gameplay/NPC
    World: Scania
    IGN: Thundertala
    Level/Job: 235 Arch Mage (Ice/Lightning)
    Date/Time of occurrence: After the patch on 2/28/18

    Brief bug summary:

    Power crystals obtained from bosses before the game went down for the most recent update cannot be sold to the Collector NPC in the Free Market. They are incorrectly listed as 1 meso, and when the player attempts to sell them, a "this item cannot be sold" dialog box pops up.

    Steps to reproduce:

    With power crystals obtained before the patch in your inventory, enter the free market and click on the Collector NPC. Find the crystals in your inventory and observe that they are incorrectly listed at 1 meso. Attempt to sell them, and the dialog box will appear.