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can't finish the mission

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its the halloween event and there is the mission to get a dress for someone
but when i get in the room and i click the box its just says
"its a great big shabby crate"
and i cant forfiet the mission so i cant keep the haunted mansion questline
pliz help me.....


  • EXvampireEXvampire
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    same here cant break it or do anything pls help me :(
  • ThokimThokim
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    Greetings Mapler,

    Though I am sorry that I could not assist you sooner, please know that we are aware of this issue have proceeded to report this problem to our game team already. Unfortunately, there is no update that I can give to you at this time. You will need to wait to hear news on the MapleStory website for more information regarding the Halloween Event.
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