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Super high latency

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I just tried to play after about a year, and my latency is so high I cannot do anything. I'm talking 10-15 seconds before potions are used. In the past, that bad of lag would have DC'd me, but now I'm stuck sitting and waiting on things to happen.

Relevant tech info:
208 Cannon Master (it happens with potions before I even go to a map and use skills, so I'm not sure this matters)
Wi-fi connection, ~150 Mbps down
Windows 10, haven't gotten the most recent feature update yet
Steam launch

I would list my specs, but the game is running fine, it's just latency.


  • TheOutlanderTheOutlander
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    This needs more attention, these last few days my game will just lag up and it crashes by just changing channels (an unavoidable issue when fighting bosses on a daily basis). At the moment I can't train my Blaze Wizard because the orbital flame projectiles won't appear for several seconds while the casting animation continues. I'm not calling a boycott or am even as angry as I used to be at these sort of things, but a developer explanation acknowledging these issues would be nice.
  • LyonsbaineLyonsbaine
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    Maplestory keeps getting worse and worse. No wonder they were stripped of rights to Audition.