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Didn't Get Flames Just got Ark Box

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So I logged on today and just got a ark box no flames. I had a good amount of A nebs before the patch and I didn't get any.

Character name: StoryOfJett

Character level: 215

Character job: Jett

World name: Bera

Date and time of the incident: 10:16 pm 6/20/18 est time


  • iBrightShadeiBrightShade
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    Hey everyone,
    Logged in today and saw I had a box for nebulite compensation in the "rewards" tab on the left.
    Relogged onto my main and noticed that the reward box had disappeared

    This happening to anyone else?
  • FoxGodFoxGod
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    This happened to me to had quite alot of A nebs stored and one Bneb and also only got the ark box rewards and no compensation i also created a ticket on support. may i ask if you created ark first before logging in to your char to check your rewards if this maybe what happened just curious if maybe that could be the cause of it? Im on luna server just to add that also.