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Demon Avenger Flames

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I have a Lv 160 pair of Absolab Boots and I got a tier 5 att on it. I'm not sure how much HP is 1 att. Would I reroll for HP or keep the ATT?


  • RexaarRexaar
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    Easiest way without intense math is to use the legion to remove 1 att square and then add HP squares until your range is higher than before. (If you don't have any 1 piece square anymore, divide the damage increase by the number of squares)

    Or find an equip or make one yourself with just 1 att, and compare it with other that has only HP.
    [4 * (PureHP / 14 + ItemHP / 17.5) + STR] * 1.3 * (WeaponAttack/100 * (1+%ATT)) * (1+%Damage) * (1+%Final Damage) = Max Range
    - PureHP is what you get from level up, adding AP(ability points) to HP and the HP from job advancements.
    - ItemHP is everything else, including HP gained from %MaxHP skills and potential
    - Theoretical: MaxHP – PureHP = ItemHP.
  • tnyzngtnyzng
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    da have it easy to roll for optimal flames since only hp and att matter, no need for all stats% or worrying about dual stats