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Marriage to a Few Wives Simultaneously.


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    Bridesmaid wrote: »
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    It seems like you didn't read much of the history.
    But there was a lot of really really insane and ruthless things that were related to Christianity...
    And what you're saying is absolutely insulting.

    Frankly, I don't understand what is your problem and why you just can't, for once, accept the other, accept the difference.
    Sure there were, and they are no longer present in modern day Christianity, so you are proving my point.
    Not every difference should be accepted, not one that is toxic to society. Racist, sexist and homophobic tradition should not be respected, it should be uprooted.
    I'm sorry that me asking you to consider women's rights and value is insulting to you.

    You do realize that when one wants to get married in GMS, he's gonna go through a Christian wedding, right? with a bishop and everything...
    And yet, I respect that, but what about us, the Muslims?

    A lot of Americans don't see it because of time zone but really without Muslims and others from the Middle East, the game wouldn't be the same at all.
    We're not talking here about a couple people, so please try to accept the difference and the other, whether he is a Muslim, or a gay or anything like that.
    This is who we are.
    And again, this is only your point of view that you answer like this, but if you were born in other country and grow up in a different way, then your answer would be different.

    And don't forget, there are 2.4bil Christians in the world, and yet, 1.8bil Muslims in the world. Islam is the religion which grows the fastest and will probably win over Christian.

    Islam making up about 30% of the world population... you can't just think of yourself and Christian while ignoring 30% of the population of the world.
    There are crosses, etc and so many other things in GMS while there's not a thing that's related to Islam.
    So what about us?? people can't just say "don't bring religion into the game" while there is already religion (Christian) in the game...

    Actually, you do realize they have introduce other types of weddings so he has options, right? Without a bishop and everything. Be grateful since they have taken that step, they are far from updating Amoria at this point. Perhaps they can add a Nikah, but the multitude part is unlikely given that overall most people tend to lead one life and one love. You don't have to go through a Christian wedding, you can have a Shinto-style wedding, etc. Do you respect that?

    No because y'all just taking stuff personally like we're against you. You aren't the center of the worlds, grasp it. I don't go out of my way begging for same-sex marriage because it doesn't affect my gameplay. However, your on-going argument over a real life privilege has no place in MapleStory; I cannot stress this enough.

    You've suddenly turned this into a debate of religion which is better discussed else where. No one is ignoring you guys it's simply irrelevant, go make your own game if you won't contribute to the whole community. Because if Korean want to input "Christian" aspects and not "Muslim" then you have no jurisdiction over it. Your opinion doesn't matter since all of this is out of place, you may have to reach out to Nexon headquarters or become a developer. Some of these Christian inputs aren't necessarily in relation to the religion itself, but you have to understand religion is a guideline which borrows from how people have learn and developed the artificial concepts of right or wrong. And a majority of people around Earth follow it despite religious context. You act like there are no Muslim reference in MapleStory. Zakum is based on the Muslim belief in Zaqqum. And we love to Zakum. Do I even need to bring up Ariant? What are you offend about?

    This isn't an Islamic game and was never intend to be ever such as it is not entirely a Christian game, it was formed in Korea and however they feel about your belief is up to them to decide whether to consider it and they have. Just enjoy it as it or find a new server; like you can design your own private server and rewrite the code to enable your multiple wives on a personal world which you have full control.

    Nobody should need to relate to you as much as you are denying the fact that you are also disregarding others for a pointless gain. Ask them to improve something else worthwhile. Are you getting any of this? MapleStory, virtual, pixels, not real. Fake. Nothing to do with reality. It implements some aspects of reality but it's still a video-game. Stop trying to find "love" on MapleStory. Go marry 4 wives in real life, no one is judging you. At least I am not, I am judging the absurdity of this request.

    **** i never realized zakum is based on zaqqum
  • HerbazyliuszHerbazyliusz
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    Next step - turn Amoria church to mosque.

    Maybe let's bring slavery too, it's still pretty common in Africa.

    Oh, and if a girl cheats on us in game, Nexon should give us her address so we can find her and stone her to death.

  • anubis42anubis42
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    Next step - turn Amoria church to mosque.

    Maybe let's bring slavery too, it's still pretty common in Africa.

    Oh, and if a girl cheats on us in game, Nexon should give us her address so we can find her and stone her to death.


    So a Christian wedding with a bishop and everything is fine?
    Speaking of slavery, we all know who started this...
    Stone her to death? what in the world...
    You probably didn't go to history classes at all, including the ones who liked your msg.
    To be honest, it doesn't only prove that you are missing information in history (and a lot) but also how racist you are, no less.
  • ACMBlackCipherACMBlackCipher
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    Again, all religion aside. . . This. Is. Not. An. Important. Game. Mechanic.

    Not utilized by most of the playerbase, not in need of new content and most definitely not an important issue.

    I said it earlier in the thread before it devolved into an argument about religion. Let's fix the game first.
  • AKradianAKradian
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    Time for this thread to be closed, before the religion flamewar gets worse.
This discussion has been closed.