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can't choose what to play, help !

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Greetings everyone ! So i've started playing this game about 4 days ago and i still can't choose what to play, i've leveled a few classes between 80 and 130 and i always end up switching, so right now i really like the cadena class, however i always had something for the dark knight class, is it good? how is it for bossing and mobbing? if you have any classes to suggest me i'd appreciate it, i'm mainly looking for classes that are fun and not a 1 button smasher, thanks !


  • PigabaPigaba
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    Dark Knight is aight at mobbing and have good utilites for bosses as well. Its mobbing ability goes up alot when you reach 5th job and have 5th mobbing skill with short cooldown. You'll have to invest some time and effort to get buff duration abilities and legion effects for dark knight's infinite gunir descent tho.

    There's always an option of not playing this game and playing other games that are actually pretty good btw. It's pretty much the best option you can take and save yourself some lifespan that this game will take off from you.
  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    I main a dark knight. They're pretty fun. I feel they shine the most when bossing.