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in game community

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hey guys just trying to find out how the in game community is still, been playing maple off and on since 05 and the community used to be awesome met so many people and made a ton of friends, lately though all I have seen is just high level players sitting afk, I play on windia server I dont know if there is a different server where its more populated with people down to just be friends and level and play together. Can some one help? I tried the maple discord but its dead and no text channel is there


  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    If you meet someone who isn't AFK and isn't in the middle of fighting you can have some fun conversations. Henesys is where I tend to look. Windia is pretty dead these days, you'd have better luck on bera or reboot. The lab server is pretty populated if you want to try that out. It's pretty fun.
  • Traveler5577Traveler5577
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    i was a member on this game in mardia sence 08. then moved to scania and play solo now . there isnt anyone i met thats been here for years i have seen yet? sighs.