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Guild Name Change Coupon

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Would like to see Guild Name Change Coupon, similar to Character Name change, this would allow guild leaders to be able to change their guild name without losing all the progression of their guild. Contribution, Rank, etc...

What do you think? Just looking to gather feedback on the idea.

We can discuss how to implement it if this is something people like as well...


  • GeeMasterGeeMaster
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    Support couldn't change an uppercase letter in my guild name to a lowercase one due to technical reasons. I highly doubt Nexon would be competent enough to do a Guild Name Change event right.
  • VampiresVampires
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    Would like to see this implemented too. I've been wanting to change my guild name for awhile now but the hassle of having to send a ticket and wait for a reply puts me off doing so. If we could change it in game straight away that would be a good change :).