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Hi everyone!

Apologies in the long delay between the contest's closure and the winners announcement. Going out of state and getting deathly sick couldn't have had a worse timing! Thankfully, we have the Will to live so we're back and without further ado, please applaud for our winners below:

1st Place: 65,000 Maple Points
An amazing Display of Will's nature and his Spider form! As a bonus, you can clearly picture Will in this fan art stating the provided description! Comedic, but at the same time, terrifying!

IGN: Pflock
World: Windia
Name of Artwork and/or Description: ''Will you survive my attack?'' Bad pun was a must


2nd Place: 35,000 Maple Points
A great approach to Will's mechanics using reflections! Looks can be deceiving and you can't help but do a double take on this work of art.

WORLD: Reboot
NAME OF ARTWORK: Which will you face?


3rd Place: 25,000 Maple Points
Eerily vibrant, Zero, signature smug Will, Spiders, we've got ourselves the full package of what it means to be Will.

IGN: Kimuoon
World: Bera
Name of Artwork and/or Description (Optional): WILL: King of Spiders


All prizes will be sent this week and may take a maximum of 14 days to process. If a winner does not receive their prize past 14 days, please contact me through this thread, or direct messages. Congratz to the winners!!!


  • PhantomsitoPhantomsito
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    I was expecting TsuusT's entry to be the winner. It was very beautiful.</3
  • TsundereKyuTsundereKyu
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    I don't care to win, since you guys gave me that ~EXPOSURE~ on facebook and twitter for me entry, but what's the point of saying we can submit stick figure entries if you're not even going to make it its own category? solely because there were only two entries for it? kind of disappointed.
  • Khov97Khov97
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