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I want to say thank you to GM Chaaays!

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in Rants and Raves
I haven't been able to get on my MS account for over a year and nearly gave up as I forgot my PIC and I was never able to reset it and quit MS due to that. My brother told me to try again and after submitting a ticket you helped me out immensely and I can play play the game again now thanks to you!

I can't tell you how much I missed the game and I put so much time into my characters I couldn't fathom restarting and thanks to you I can play again, it's also my birthday today so along with the cake my mom made me this is the best day ever!

I'm so happy I'm like teary eyed now, so if you see this I just wanted to tell you how thankful I am and your help in getting my account back meant a lot!

Travis Martin.



  • YinYangXYinYangX
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    Glad to hear things work out for you.....though I'm questioning why you put this in rants and raves. o.O
  • DKnukunuDKnukunu
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    adjective [ before noun ] ​
    admiring and giving a lot of praise:
    "The show has received rave reviews/notices in all the papers."

    everything doesn't have to be a rant xd
  • pandabunniespandabunnies
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    A happy ending. Nice to hear. :)