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Make determination more easy to get

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edited December 2018 in Suggestions, Feedback, and Requests
im tired of trying to make determination if you guys dont do anything i think that the best option would be for me to quit maple for an undefined time becaue it takes too much time and missions just get worst every time the up bar gets filled and i dont think i can keep it up, its a recommendation cuz im not the only one thinking on stop playing this event or quiting maple i hope you guys read this and do a better job with the determination quests.


  • RetrolightRetrolight
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    edited December 2018
    I agree, alliance missions are really tedious. Most players in my buddy list gave up on them, it's kinda unfortunate cause it could have been cool if tweaked correctly (not to mention the awful input lag i'm experiencing in labyrinth). It's basically way less boring to train and gather determination with flame bird, chains or ambushes than doing these missions. It litterally a waste of energy and effort from devs to add new content or events, when people don't even wanna play them...
    Sad :(
  • PetalmagicPetalmagic
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    edited December 2018
    I made a thread about this a couple weeks back...unfortunately I hear it just gets worse from here :T
  • MikuloverMikulover
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    edited December 2018
    It cant get worse then the labyrinth of suffering right? RIght!? We already lost all reason to share a map with the removal of shared events on top of having no free EXP buffs from said events.
  • JezJez
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    1200 medals this time for rank up.... lame