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Dear nexon,fix your new auto ban system

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I just reach for first time on my KANNA level 225 and i was doing my prequest for arcana symbol...everything were fine until the quest "Wock Spiwit Wescue",where after saving 4/7 spirits (where u need to press FAST SPACE BAR TO RESCUE IT) the new ban system trigger a false ban to ME and to many others from reddit... please fix it



thank you and happy holidays to everyone!


  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited December 2018
    What skill or function do you normally have on your space bar?
  • yonut32yonut32
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    i'm using by deafult, (space bar-interact with chat)
  • HinizinHinizin
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    This whole thing is making me scared of played tbh.
  • luna02luna02
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    ... same ocurre whit me , in my kanna no main doing quest of gollux appear the message of bann fake ... same key Space for talk to the npc .. the game too close sometimes ... can fix this please
  • DiosothDiosoth
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    They won't fix it. This has been ongoing for weeks now but since it only affected a few players before this past week's explosion of automated bans, no one much cared until the 21st when it went out of control, and I would bet if not for that the ban issue would still be largely ignored. Their "fix" so far was to admit to one small aspect of the system being broken and unbanning a select few players, while everyone else remains banned- but even if you were unbanned you might still get banned again in short order. You could try a ticket or live chat but both of those are still rejecting all appeals, I was going to try but it looks like I'd get nowhere fast with that, as I did on the 9th. And even if they do eventually fix the system, they probably won't lift any bans.

    So I only got 30 days instead of permanent? It may as well be permanent, being off ranks and my account flagged for hacking that never took place, rendering the account useless anyway. I'm actually wondering why mine was temporary when every other ban has been permanent. Everything I said in my video on the subject still stands and it looks like I'm done with the game forever due to it, but so will a lot of other players who have no choice but to walk off now.
  • HHG1HHG1
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    edited December 2018
    Diosoth wrote: »
    I'm actually wondering why mine was temporary when every other ban has been permanent. .
    Because. They're. Not. Related.
    You were banned long before this autoban was an issue but for whatever reason you still try to join the bandwagon to plead your case.