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Looking for active guild (BERA)

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I am a casual player who is trying to get better and could use the assistance of a guild. I have a few characters that I use frequently; however, I still have not dedicated myself to a main. I do however have a phantom around level 150 that has holy symbol. Please serious replies only.


  • ReroRero
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    edited February 2019
    Hey ChefLasagna!

    If you want, you can join the guild "Pewf" and one of us would be glad to help you ^.^

    We're a new guild that consists of casual players that just play the game for fun(plus we're a small guild, so it's easier to get to know others). We also have discord if you're interested.
  • ShadOwariShadOwari
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    you can send me over your discord or skype name and your IGN and we can play together if you want to I don't own a guild or currently in one

  • Eli4FunEli4Fun
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    Fair is recruiting people who're 200+. If you or any of your friends get to 200 request to join the guild! Discord is a requirement as well. Hope to hear from y'all.
  • KxeennKxeenn
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