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Recent Events Feedback

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I recently received a closed beta invite for a different game, so this will be less detailed than originaly intended.
I mainly want to highlight some issues that I've experienced with recent events, as I feel you could be making them a bit better than they have been.

Starting with the Black Mage event...
Obviously an excellent idea for the event, and allowing pre Arcane River character to experience it is a good idea, even if it didn't really make any sense and was major spoilers. When this event started I had yet to get a character to level 200. However running the Black Mage stuff, a Tera Burning event and Maple Relay all at the same time caused some issues.
Starting with the Black Mage Registration box: This seemed like a great thing for my new Tera Burning character. It mostly was, except that since I was trying to level up my top level character and play the new character, the poor 7 day Black Kitty only got a few days of play before expiring.
And why was I trying to level the other character quickly when I could have been playing the Tera Burning character? Time Limited Nodestones and Arcane Symbol Selectors. I didn't want them to evaporate without being able to use them, since unlike the 100s of increased exp tokens I've been drowning in, they are useful.

I wasn't overly concerned about missing out on the story determination quests, as I was quite happy to be grinding. However one of the early boxes gave me 50 Alliance Teleport Scrolls, with a duration of 1 week left. I think I managed to use 9 of them. Why is it necessary for a consumable to have a limited use time?

Not certain why, but I also missed all the story stuff for half the event, until I'm suddenly talking to Orchid in Limina. Don't know what happened before that, so it was weird. I also couldn't really do half the stuff, even with the scaled enemies. I think its because my equipment is stuck at Pensalir level. Not sure.

The Maple Relay event would have been better for me if it was a double length event that just restarted the counter if you got to the Absolab Weapon, as I only saw a couple of Elite Bosses during both events and didn't get past 20 for both of them.

As for the Alliance Skills, despite eventually hitting max rank, I didn't get much use out of any of them except the stat bonuses and increased Arcane Power buff. Those were really useful, as I wouldn't have got my main through the Caves of Respite part of the Vanishing Journey questline without them. Which would have meant wasted Arcane Symbol Selectors.
Why were the other skills of no use? I was too busy trying to grind determination, level up characters quickly or doing Maple Relay event stuff to bother with any of the things that had increased rewards. As it was, I almost didn't make it to max rank due to having to go away for a week for a funeral. If I hadn't been grinding Battle at Sea with all my characters (so 4 old level 100ish characters) to get ranks quickly, I doubt I would have hit Legend.

I ended up having a late night right before the event ended, to get my Tera Burning character able to claim the Eternal Flame title. Even with that title and the temporary CRA equips, the Cave of Respite was super painful. You might want to review how hard it is to start the Arcane River.
As for those temporary equips, they are going to expire before I can get CRA replacement items. I can't scratch those bosses solo, and my world appears to be empty so I can't find anyone to help me beat them. I'll probably just abandon that character, and play the higher level one.

As for the Depot Shop. I was doing RA bosses daily to get access to CRA (didn't know at the time I wouldn't be able to do it), so I wasn't able to collect many coins before I had to spend them. I managed to get about 2000 split between my main and the Tera Burn character, with maybe 800 sitting on old alts from the Battle at Sea grinding. So nothing great was purchased. The mains grabbed Labyrinth boxes, while the alts grabbed slot expansion coupons and 1 got a Flying Fish mount because there wasn't any point buying the untradeable 7 day expiry gear upgrade stuff for low level gear.

Overall, I think you could have run that better. Having the Tera Burning event before the Black Mage event would have worked much better. Having it at the same time meant that there was just too much to do, and it wasn't very enjoyable having to rush everything. Various expiring items had too short durations. And I'm wondering if the people who could get enough coins to get the more expensive things from the Depot even needed them.

Moving on to the Lunar New Year now...
I missed the first few days of the week long daily grind rewards, as there were so many other event quests going on. I just completely forgot it was there. Possibly worse, is that the rewards of that daily grind quest were completely uninteresting to me. Expiring temporary attack buffs aren't very useful, and increased exp ones are even less so at the moment. What my characters need to progress at the moment is better equipment, and those coupons don't help with that at all.
The shop notes are also not interesting, because the shop is not interesting.
I've maxed out the ring, and everything else in the shop is a cosmetic that I don't want to put on my character. Not that I don't like cosmetics. I wanted and have got the Vengeful Nyen damage skin for my Night Walker.
Why doesn't the shop have some tasty event related food consumables for purchase? Gold Richie is not going to be holding a party where every guest only gets 1 dumpling per day to eat. (Is that why the character was always drooling over that dumpling? The lack of catering?)
The Nyen dungeon was okay though, but after getting the damage skin I wanted, I don't really feel like doing it anymore.
I also saw a few references in places to dog themes. Someone wasn't thorough enough with the renaming.
Finally, while the Pig beanie is nice. I can't see any way to get rid of the thing.

Edit: I also completely forgot about the Alliance page for the whole event. So I hope nothing interesting happened there...


  • YinYangXYinYangX
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    HousePet wrote: »
    Finally, while the Pig beanie is nice. I can't see any way to get rid of the thing.

    Didn't read most of it, but Incinerator in Henesys Market, as it's been any semi-unwanted cs items.
  • HousePetHousePet
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    Checked there already. It won't take it.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Go into the cash shop, move it to your cash storage, right click, delete, enter pin, bam.
  • HousePetHousePet
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    Thanks, will give that a try when I get bored with the Beanie.

    Edited first post as I just remembered that I had forgotten to mention that I had forgotten all about the Alliance web page during the whole event. Nothing reminded me it existed once things got going, so I hope I didn't miss anything.
  • coolflamoscoolflamos
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    mmm..., yea, i really can relate to a fair number of those problems, a tldr would've been nice, like, too much is going on at the same time and my FOMO kicks in

    speaking of missing out, gonna piggy back on yours to put in a small little event gripe i have, most people who aren't blessed with rngesus, like oneself, missed out on getting anything from that hot time event thing, meanwhilst i know someone who has a tonne of accounts who has been blessed >5 times on the hot time event, also really reckon that the grim ring should've been given to everyone, i mean, it's untradeable right? permanent cash item which gives stats means they'll be forever ahead, would've liked it to be behind something more like a specified mob hunt which deters those with a bazillion accounts whilst making it achievable to the everyday person