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Potions that increase attack

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I'm looking for a potion that increases my Attack. Warrior Potion is good but I need something stronger. Where can I buy it and from who?


  • NeospectorNeospector
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    NPC Miki in New Leaf City sells Warrior Elixirs (+12 ATT) for 5,000 mesos each.

    Similar potions and pills can be crafted using Alchemy in Ardentmill.
  • AhSaNovaAhSaNova
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    I want a kitty hair back on the market I been waited for 5 year how long it going to be back on market
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    AhSaNova wrote: »
    I want a kitty hair back on the market I been waited for 5 year how long it going to be back on market

    Don't hijack other peoples' threads for your things.
  • CrystalOraCrystalOra
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    Legendary Hero Potion = 30 att/matt for 2 hrs, they have to be crafted.
    Monster Park gives coins that let you purchase pots that give 30 att for red and 30 matt for blue, for 30 min that stack with other att pots. They cost 5 coins each.
    If you are lucky enough to know someone that has them, Witch's Special Stew gives 40 att for 15 min.
    If your married in game and your lucky you can farm onyx apples every day in Amoria PQ. They give 100 att/matt for 10 min.
    There are boss att pots that can be crafted if you know someone with very high Alchemy they give 10% and 20% boss att depending on what one.
    There are Cold Winter Energy buffs that come from winter events they give 20 att/matt for 30 min.

    Hope this helps!!!