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Possible fix for Windows 10 users

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edited April 2018 in Tech Support
I hadn’t been able to play maple story for months, the game would not start after pressing the play button.
It looks like Windows Defender sees the Nexon Game Security function as a threat and removes some of the files because they are a “threat” to your PC. Without these files you cannot play MS.

First you need to turn off Windows Defender completely.
Then uninstall Maple Story. It won’t work because of those missing files.
Redownload Maple Story and install.
DO NOT turn on Windows Defender back on lol
Now press play and if that was your issue it will work.


  • RiceWhispererRiceWhisperer
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    edited April 2018
    This worked for me, my problem was that the launcher didn't do anything if I clicked on it.

    I turned windows defender back on and the game still runs fine. Now I just need to remember how to play the game after not playing for two years lol
  • MarkRavenMarkRaven
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    i clicked play then it immediately shutdown when reach the white screen how to fix this :(