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Kanna Changes Thread

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The memo everyone has been waiting for. Finally Kanna's Kishin is getting addressed.

In a nutshell:
*Kanna's Kishin is bad for the game, measures will be taken
*Kanna's Kishin will only have a max 50% efficiency, and Kanna has to move to keep the effect up.
*Also Kanna revamp.
*To compensate the change a new item will be added that has the same effect as Kishin that will be available for everyone in the game. No changes will be made to the Frenzy Totem.
Expect changes by the summer patch on June.

What do you think?


  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    edited April 2019
    If it kills off the two PC meta, I'm all for it.
  • ruth02ruth02
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    edited April 2019
    no frenzy changes by money $ ... , state of game actual ( .... ) , kanna to move keep for effet , this no help in nothing in hackers .. 5 option of a store for effect of kishin by a time ........ bad memo , not speak of a change radical in the game, fix bugs , lags spikes in zones, dc in bosses, closed of the game repentine whit dc crash , places deads and zones pqs anyone solution ? nothing ...
  • microwavemicrowave
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    edited April 2019
    w think near of this? ms is literally dead and more when this store of kanna expire , they are only thinking in money, money, money for not nerf frenzy totem
  • StarryKnightStarryKnight
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    If this is the way it is, they should allow the frenzy totem in reboot too.

    Also, If they are nerfing kishin, they should nerf the frenzy totem, and I don't mean change the way it works, I mean force it to despawn when the person who put it there leaves the map. This will prevent players from selling frenzy service at outrageous prices, since that is essentially the only option for late game training now.

    And if they are making changes to kanna, what happens to telefarming at bye bye? End game is extremely expensive, just getting to end game is extremely expensive. I *hate* having to have a suicide kanna, but crippling telefarming only ruins my meso rates even more, unless they are introducing new ways to make meso, or boosting the meso drop rate of late game monsters, this move only time gates end game content even more than it already is, as it ruins the meso rates of mid-game players. There are very few good rates of meso aquisition between a 140 kanna, and a 230+ arcana farmer. Crippling meso production rates for mid level players only means its going to take even longer to get to the point where you can farm late game maps, and now even those maps will have crippled meso rates without paying someone for frenzy or spending hundreds, to thousands, on trying to get a frenzy totem yourself.

    Maybe I just don't understand something here, but I see absolutely no benefit for legitimate players by this move. Hackers will simply add another line of code to their macros and programs that mitigate the changes, and simply deal with the slower rates, its no big loss for them because they are farming 24 hours a day. Normal players can't do that, and crippling the rates of meso production for them just incentivizes them to consider hacking as an alternative.

    Does nexon not realize that farming the meso for late end game already takes thousands of hours? And that's *before* a kishin nerf.

    Yes, the 2 computer meta is bad, yes forcing the players to have a suicide kanna is bad, but is crippling one of the only few productive methods of meso farming really the best solution? Making meso harder to obtain doesn't help players, at all.
  • rizariza
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    edited April 2019
    Like I mention before there should be a temporary frenzy totem similar to temporary teleport rock in cash shop. It will solve the issue and make it so other players can compete with people who are causing the problem. I feel it solves everything. but destroying Kanna isn't right in this situation is similar to how they gave everyone holy symbol it's not fair to certain classes like it wasn't fair for bishop we lost our source of income in game. having class-exclusive skills help the economy and help the average person make mesos to thrive and succeed to hit Kanna with that is just taking away income from them in the game and encouraging them to cheat. I don't know who ever been making the decisions lately been insane first world transfer and lock scania windia and all servers but bera "smart", then giving everyone holy symbol "super smart" now giving everyone a Kanna kishin skill? this isn't making maple great again and not helping the cause please think before leap and help us the community have a great experience please. or if you make decisions have us vote on a poll so we can tell you if the idea smart or not. Please :(
  • DancemonDancemon
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    edited April 2019
    Remove kish and sell something of the same effect in cs, sounds like nexon
  • AKradianAKradian
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    edited April 2019
    Dancemon wrote: »
    Remove kish and sell something of the same effect in cs, sounds like nexon

    They're not removing Kishin, only nerfing it.
    And they're not selling something of the same effect in CS, they are selling it in the Rewards Shop (and possibly also giving it from events).
  • AnythingAnything
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    edited April 2019
    My opinion in another thread, it's a long one from December 2018.

    *Kanna's Kishin respawn time will be reduced to 50% max, so no more to 75%. I think it's better than having the skill completely removed or changed.

    *Kanna's revamp is my next concern. They can totally ruin the entire job while the job was just perfectly fine with a few exceptions we all know about. They should have addressed the issues. I am only going to mention a couple but in short.
    -Teleport delay. Teleport that doesn't work at all.
    -Mana consumption restricts Kanna a lot on using skills.
    -Powering up Kanna: Kanna's skills could use additional attacking line. Give back the boost to Kanna from Haku nerf.
    -Haku sometimes disappears from the map, so it doesn't rebuff Kanna anymore. (I fix this by going to next map to make Haku re-appear). It's annoying when I need 100% stance.
    -Haku sometimes doesn't recast its buffs after it wears off. I want the 100% stance (10% from Hyper, 10% from Legion and 80% Haku) during boss runs.
    -Spirit Corral (Active) and Tengu Strike are both crappy skills with huge delay.
    -Refill Kanna's Mana points after getting revived/resurrected.

    I don't know if they mentioned about Nodestones on Twitch, so that's another concern I have about Kanna's revamp. The changes that they might make which will change the important skills (new skills or replaced by another because it is improved etc.) which will affect the trio boost nodes.

    Replacing old trios with new trios just like that might not work if certain Kanna players did a different boost node setup. (Some players may have choosen Spirit Corral or Tengu Strike). We will probably need node shards or a lot of nodestones in return.

    So while it's Kanna's turn to get a massive Revamp, we can expect future Revamps for certain jobs. It cost a lot of time ever since 5th job and 5th job skills aquired through Nodestones, so I don't have the time or fundings to try out other jobs unfortunately. But I would like to mention what I know of the few jobs I got nodestones for, namely Bishop and Marksman, so I will use this as an example that I want to explain in further details. The Boost Node options for these 2 jobs are small, this might be nice and easier to get your perfect boost nodes done. But if they add a new skill or add an existing important/useful skill from their job to the Boost Node options then you may consider your build ruined. So what I am trying to say is that they should have thought out clearly before releasing 5th Job.

    Example of my Boost Node setup for my Bishop
    -AngelRay / BigBang / Genesis
    -BigBang / AngelRay / Genesis
    -Heavens Door / Bahamut / AngelRay
    -Bahamut / Heavens Door / BigBang

    Since there is no other good options I decided to get 3 times Angel Ray and Big Bang to improve the damage faster on these skills. If they suddenly add/replace a skill, then my setup is ruined. Where is Boost Node for Teleport Mastery?

    Why doesn't Marksman has Arrow Illusion as Boost Node? If that one was added, Marksman could have used 6 skills for the Boost Node setup.

    *To compensate the change a new item will be added that has the same effect as Kishin that will be available for everyone in the game. No changes will be made to the Frenzy Totem.

    Well, at least they are giving us an option to buy this item in the RP Shop. We will have yet to see how much RP it cost and the duration of the item to know how useful it is. If it is 7-Days for example, well it's a nice 7-Days of farming/grinding with extra spawn but if you can only buy 1 then it wil be still bad. Quantity of 4?
    Quantity of 1, duration 30 days :). Price in RP unknown.
  • ShadEightShadEight
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    edited April 2019
    A 'limited' spawn ticket in the reward shop? lmao I'm not gonna waste my time accumulating RP just to grab an expiring kishin effect. I'd rather just use the real thing for free and on demand.

    2 PC meta isn't going anywhere with these changes unfortunately.