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Best in Slot Event Items

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As a preface, i'm a Reboot player.
So, after watching the community livestream last night, we found out that there are currently no plans to bring back the Wondroid or Sengoku Badge events. My issue, as well as other players lacking these items, is that they're currently BiS (Best in Slot) items, with no real substitutes that can be used. Given how many people repeatedly ask for these events to make a return through your community streams, social media, and the forums, is there any real reason these aren't being considered? Is it truly too hectic a release schedule that we can't fit these events into the game again? Would it be possible to at least hear a "why?" on this topic? Lets go over what exactly these two items give over their substitutes.

The Wondroid Heart specifically is permanent. Regardless of stat gain, this is the important part due to potentials. No one wants to redo their pots every month on a new heart.
The Sengoku Badge gives 76 main stat, and 10 Attack/Magic Attack, at 17 stars. As well as 30%+ main stat as a potential
The substitute, currently, for the Sengoku Badge, is the Crystal Ventus Badge, which comes from all forms of Magnus. Which gives 10 main stat and 5 attack/magic attack. No potential.

There's a bit of a discrepancy there, in stats. So, I suppose my question is, given this, why can't we have these events back? If there are so many people asking for their return, couldn't we manage to get them in so newer players don't feel ignored? Because currently, yesterday's stream telling me you have no plans to return them felt like a slap in the face.

Thank you for your time, I apologize for any ranting, but I feel like this should be voiced.

And yes, I understand KMS does in fact not have pottable badges. But we aren't KMS, and a lot of the GMS playerbase already has one. I'd consider it a moot point, considering that. Not to mention Lab Server events, for the Legion pieces.


  • BeefBeef
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    I rather have a non event solution than forcing events to come back. Maybe expand upon Profession for crafting a meta perma heart and badge, especially in Reboot that once u craft meister and 22 star, people dont touch it again. Maybe something like a new custom item like a Meister tier heart to match the 3 set meister accessories we have already, and a meister badge or something.
  • AngelWolfzAngelWolfz
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    I'm all for an alternative that isn't event based, and I would agree that's the best solution. However, I'd imagine it's more realistic to ask Nexon to return the events, rather than create something brand new.
  • AggraphineAggraphine
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    Event-based best-in-slot? All that says to me is a truckload of rng that can, and more often than not will, hang you out to dry. Especially since they'll never implement something even remotely similar to AK's diligence backstop proposal.

    Best-in-slot items should be freely obtainable, which is to say no arbitrary window of time in which to acquire it.