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REQ: Gold Earrings (Lv 25) be made available again

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Hi, I went back and forth contacting GMs via the customer support center about this issue I came across in regards to obtaining gold earrings (lv 25). GM Tuyotay actually suggested I make a post on here so here goes. Long story short, one of the standard earrings you obtain in the lower levels was made unintentionally unavailable by a series of revamps and changes. Gold earrings were only obtainable by a couple of quests in the Henesys/Sleepywood areas as well as by getting the drop from Lupins and Flaming Raccoons. Unfortunately, the Lupin maps were all removed, the Flaming Raccoons revamped to higher level mobs with adjusted drops. The quests were also cut halfway through or removed completely due to changes in the maps/npcs and big bang.

They're just an ordinary pair of earrings you would randomly obtain back then while leveling, but they hold sentimental value for some people, such as myself. In the past, a close friend of mine and I had branded these as our favorite pair. After a lot of research and testing in game, it just saddens me to realize that they may no longer be obtainable in reboot.

My hopeful suggestion/request is that these be made readily available again, pretty please <3.....33333333333333333


  • PawblePawble
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    Seconded. I like the way they look for anvil purposes.
  • fidgetspinnerACEfidgetspinnerACE
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    It sure is confusing making professions and not being able to make certain equips.
  • CybunnyCybunny
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    A bit late finding this but a little bump wouldn't hurt.
    I miss gold earrings, they're so simple and now they're impossible to get. I wanted to fuse my earrings with them and I find out the monsters responsible for the drops are removed/missing..
  • GameStabilityGameStability
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    pls we need those gold earrings!
  • MalvonMalvon
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    I'm surprised they aren't just craft able, Wouldn't be to hard I figure for a quick recipe something like

    1: 2-4 gold ores
    2: 1 basic item crystal