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Shared CS event

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I know we've had a shared CS event like a couple months ago. But by the looks of it, we only have like two of these events per year. It really is a bummer we can't transfer our NX items onto other characters unless they share their CS like Explorers do... I thought about some solutions for that. My suggestions/requests would be :

1. Make those events more frequent. (2 or 3 months is appropriate time IMO)
2. Simply just make CS shared for all of your account characters. (I'm being too optimistic on this one...)
3. Implement a CS item (sorta like a coupon that allows you to share your CS for a limited amount of time)
4. Scissors (like PSOK) for NX-items-only for a reasonable price.

Let me know what you guys think.


  • AusaStarAusaStar
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    I agree.

    I don't understand why cash inventories need to be closed off? What makes other classes other than explorers different? If it's to prevent players from exploiting it by transferring, say, a free teleport rock from an event to use on another character, then why not just make those free items unable to be moved to the cash inventory? It's been done to other items. And you're still able to transfer the item to a different character of the same class anyway.

    We pay for the items with real money. Why can't we transfer a T-shirt item to another one of our characters when we feel like it?

    At the very least we need more frequent transfer events. Nexon made it possible to change our IGN's whenever we want; the change should be made to cash inventories as well. The cash inventories don't even need to be merged if it would cause a problem, just allow the "transfer" button to be active permanently.
  • NesakysiuNesakysiu
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    I sure hope we're gonna get that event while anniversary events are still around...

    It would be a pretty great idea to have such rare/unusual event giving that it's an anniversary of the game.