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Cash equips in Cash Shop

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Anyone know what happened to the cash equips in Cash Shop? I noticed many have disappeared, I cant find them.
For example, the Teddy bear suit. Teddy headgear, shoes, gloves, etc. And also many other full face masks and hats which I liked.
Not just these, but many others, I just dont remember their names.
What happened to it?
I suggest bringing it all back to the Cash Shop.


  • AusaStarAusaStar
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    I've noticed that as well.
    From what I can see we don't even have wedding outfits in there anymore. We have bridal gloves, but no dress to go with them. The purpose of those items seems redundant if they aren't accessible to people who want to get married. People don't just wait until Valentine's Day (which is when they were last avilable) to get married. We also have only two M-Forcer outfits, which one is incomplete. It's just the helmet and no suit to go with it.

    I think the Cash Shop needs an overhaul. Increasing the size of the Cash inventory would be a great improvement. It's hard to navigate through two small rows on a modern PC monitor to find items.