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Singaopre and Malyasia revamp

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MapleSEA got revamped Singapore and Malaysia and it looks nice.
Hopefully we will get it but I do not think so.
- Patch Notes -
Singapore & Malaysia Map Reorganization
Singapore & Malaysia regional World Map has been added.

Flight to Singapore from Victoria Tree Platform will now depart instantly, and will reach Singapore Airport in 1 minute. Talk about speed!
Level limit to enter Singapore area maps is now Level 170.
Level limit to enter Malaysia area maps is now Level 190
Field maps have been adjusted to improve hunting efficiency.
Monster levels in Singapore have been adjusted to accommodate for higher levelled characters.
   ➢ Central Way Areas: Level 170~174
   ➢ Ulu Estate Areas: Level 175~181
   ➢ Mysterious Path Areas: Level 182~186
   ➢ Mysterious Path Areas (Star Force): Level 186~189
   ➢ Ghost Ship Areas: Level 186~189
   ➢ Muddy Banks Areas: Level 190~194
   ➢ Fantasy Theme Park Areas: Level 195~199
Boss levels in Singapore and Malaysia have been adjusted to accommodate for higher levelled characters. Level requirement to enter bosses have also been adjusted accordingly.
   ➢ Krexel: Changed from Level 140 to Level 180.
   ➢ Capt. Latanica: Changed from Level 100 to Level 190.
   ➢ Scarlion, Targa: Changed from Level 80, 100, 140 to Level 160, 180, 200
Monsters in most maps within Singapore and Malaysia areas will now spawn faster.
Hidden portals will now be marked with an appropriate portal indicator.
Quests have been reorganized for higher levels.

Read more at http://www.maplesea.com/updates/view/v186_adventure_momentum_patch_notes/#GihHJWCzCFTlMfsb.99


  • RikNLRikNL
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    edited May 2019

    A nice video with something special on 18:03.
  • IvangoldIvangold
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    edited May 2019
    Maybe we will get it, it seens a good trainning spot too, i wonder if we got this new version we would get the badge....

    And also would Korea even get these map? Would be so cool for em.
  • GoldAdventurerGoldAdventurer
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    edited May 2019
    It's really good update.. I think that players here would like to experience it here in GlobalMS, so it will be brought to here. too.
    Just keep it mind that the monsters' HP in these areas have been increased to match the same as other monsters' HP within the same levels as of today...
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    edited June 2019
    The star force monsters here are as strong as the mobs at Vanishing Journey. That's a good alternative for fes2 lol.

    Also #Bring_Back_Pottable_Badges
  • RikNLRikNL
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    edited June 2019
    I don't think the badge will come back. But the content whould be nice.
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    edited September 2019
    I'm happy Krexel may come back, never got a chance to do that boss. If the badge ever comes back (the ship is still there in the map) it might end up being unpottable.
  • NirNightNirNight
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    edited September 2019
    i don't think it will be return ever to GMS. there is a reason that Singapore and Malasya were deleted.