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Kanna revamp

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First off, This is my first time ever to post on this forum because I never really cared to post but this revamp really made me mad.

This Kanna revamp is horrible, IMO. I used to enjoy playing Kanna but now I'm just so disappointed.
"Buff up the kishin" basically its a nerf for Kanna as a whole.
Before everything, Kanna was actually great but they decided to buff her and her dmg range spiked. It was awesome but it was overpowered. Then they nerfed her way worse than the pre-buff. It was bad but it was do-able. I didn't mind that nerf. This "revamp" is basically just a nerf for her. I'm a LVL 215 Kanna and before this revamp, my dmg was at 2mil att buffed which I have worked so hard to hit. Now my att is only at 1.3mil dmg range buffed? This is so stupid.

ALSO TO ADD: There's a bug with using my nine-tail fury, I get disconnected from server every time I try to use it...

Tell me what you think? Because i think this was stupid.
  1. Do you like the revamp?16 votes
    1. Yes
       13% (2 votes)
    2. No
       88% (14 votes)


  • foussiremixfoussiremix
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    I am mixed about it.
    I like how some skills were upgraded and changed but at the same time I am mad at how they nerfed certain skills for no reason and also didnt fix bugs.
  • DiximaNDiximaN
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    No, not at all! While I liked JMS' revamp a lot because they made Kanna much more stronger, I don't like THIS revamp. This is not a revamp, this is a scandal!
  • AnythingAnything
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    If they only improved the old skills, it would also have been nice already. I am sure I would have been able to get 20,000 points in Spirit Savior if they get rid of some issues on Kanna's mobility. Now I have to get used to this new Kanna, not a big deal though.

    Here are my thoughts about the revamp:

    So this revamped Kanna has a lower range, but I have the feeling (note: I am not a person who look at the digits), it's doing around the same damage despite the range is lower because it doesn't seems like that I am killing slower at all. Before the revamp my Kanna had around 10m-12m buffed I don't remember exactly, and it's dropped to 8,x mil.

    Edit: Maybe I do deal lower dmg, it's harder to clear Dream Defender.

    In my boost node Demon's Fury got replaced with Shikigami Doppelganger. I don't know if this new skill is a must to max as a boost node right now because there are other skills that seems to be interesting as well.

    Before the patch I had Tengu Strike in my boost nodes, so I still have that skill of course. But some players picked Spirit Corral instead. So which skill replaced Spirit Corral?

    Some skills remained the same, some got new graphics, they are just fine as they are. It's sad to see that Haku Reborn got a cooldown now, so that means I can't use it in a Macro Skill anymore. This means that I need to use a button to place Haku Reborn.
    Also sad that Knockback Resistance 80% (Stance) got removed from Haku Reborn, this was a more reliable Stance resource to have on a Kanna. The Blossom Barrier (50% only) is a stationed barrier so you can't have full stance all the time. Or we need to use Mihile link if you want a more reliable stance most of the time.

    I still don't like the way how Mana Overload works on a Kanna. Kanna's Mana gets lowered easily and if you can't get it back up fast enough, Mana Overload will be gone.

    I disconnected when I pressed Shikigami Charm inside Spirit Savior. I have used the skill a few times before without issues.

    The following skills that I don't have in my boost nodes

    Ghost Yaksha I do like the new summon Ghost Yaksha skill from the 1st job skill list, which gets upgraded in the next job advancements untill 4th Job. I think this skill is also nice as boost node.

    Nine-Tailed Fury had a long cooldown before so it was suggested not to choose for your boost nodes, but now that the cooldown has been lowered, that skill could be a good option now to choose for your boost nodes.

    Nightghost Guide is even available as boost node...to increase EXP and Drop rate (the new Monkey Spirit)

    Yosuzume is like Night Lord's Assassin's Mark, which should be a really good skill to have for your boost nodes.

    Mana Warp Kanna's teleport, well it's smooth now, which is a good thing, it can jump teleport. To bad the teleport range got reduced but smooth teleport is really important. I can't teleport to the edge when there is still space between the character and the edge of the platform.

    I am not too active anymore in this game, so I can't be bothered with redoing my boost nodes. I knew this would happen with the revamp, neglecting players perfect trio boost nodes from before the patch.

    There are more jobs that need some revamp and will suffer from the chances due the neglection of their boost node setup.
  • TomoyoTomoyo
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    The revamp as a whole, if ported as it was from JMS, would've been great. The overly nerfed version they gave us stacked with huge bugs is a disaster, though.
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    They really give an impression that they hate this class with this "revamp", don't they?