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Inconsistent Lag/Hanging Problems

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OS: Win10 Home ver1809 (Build 17763) 64-bit (My PC is about 4 years old)
CPU: Core i5-5200U 2.20ghz
GPU: Intel HD 5500 integrated + NVIDIA 820m dedicated (Primary GPU used by all programs is the NVIDIA 820m)

Ever since around March I've been having inconsistent lag/hanging problems for example I will sometimes get 30+ sec long screen freezes with "any" animation, action or skill casts be it by my own character or another person's character. Other times, the problem isn't there and nothing will freeze me for more than a couple sec. Sometimes when I change maps, it will hang for 30+ sec and does not let up no matter what action/animation/map. It even happens with things as minor as a boss being put into bind or just reviving. Making bossing impossible when the problem is currently happening.

Other times, the map will load within only a few sec. Randomly the entire game will slow back down acting bogged down and take 30+ sec to load any actions/animations/maps/etc, then suddenly go back to normal without lag problems after a while. It can stay completely normal for even an hour but then go back to that problem. It seems to chaotically go from being completely normal and lagless without hangs, to having lag/hang problems. When it's not happening, I can do any boss but when the problem is happening I can't boss at all because I can't revive without dying because reviving takes an entire minute. So I was wondering, does this sound like a hardware issue or is my PC just not aging well with running Maplestory? I've monitored the usage in task manager and it doesn't spike.

This PC used to never have any lagging or hanging problems other than freezes for a few sec before March. I changed my HDD to a different one around February (Old one was a WD Blue, new one is a Seagate, both have same RPM). Could that be tied to it at all? The problem didn't arise instantly when I changed my HDD. Another thing that happened before this problem arose is that my OS updated itself to ver1809, previously it was on ver1709.

I've tried: Reinstalling my OS, updating every driver in Device Manager, installing all available C++ redistributions, changing GPU settings, PC and Maplestory resolutions. I have not yet tried going back to a previous version of Win10 yet, which I will try soon. Just want to know if it sounds like a hardware issue to avoid extra work as I have so many files to back up before attempting a clean install.


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    Same problem for me. Portals are FPS assassins, I can never go through one without freezing for at least a second (if I'm lucky) but they usually average a good 5 seconds or so. The worst was when I went through the portal, the screen faded to black but didn't actually open to the new map. I left it like that and went to go grab something to eat, finished eating, waited some more and then it finally brought out the new map- and promptly crashed in my face. Aha.. ha... Nexon you're funny.