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Returning Player from 2012 Need some help

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I've just been super bored and decided to play maple again. I don't know anything about this game anymore and i'm looking for friends or tips possibly both! :D
Going to be playing in bera. Unfunded. What's a good/strong class that is okay to play with unfunded at the moment?


  • ThrowThatTeaThrowThatTea
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    Use the Pathfinder.

    It is the newest character and, as with all new characters, hits the hardest (before getting nerfed).
    However, you can't use the burning event with it, so if you want to level to 150 quicker you'd have to pick something else.

    My main is a Night Lord and that has been quite fun, but not necessarily super fast for clearing mobs.

    Recently started a Kanna and Evan for the first time and both of those have been enjoyable as well.

    I believe the second highest DPS after Pathfinder right now is the Angelic Buster--so that's an option too.
  • MalvonMalvon
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    I find any of the Cygnus Knights are a good starting point to level on since they need no 4th job skill books they also grant a passive buff on all your characters which is cygnus blessing and most of them are solid mobbing/bossing classes. Dawn Warrior is probably the strongest to play of the cygnus group but on the whole I really don't pay attention to who is on the top tier since it changes all the time with every new patch.

    Good things to work on are Legion since that will get you a nice buff on any character you create also doing daily Fairy Bros can get you some nice items that can help out and some solid quest lines worth doing are After Lands for free totems and the Masteria Epic quest line which takes awhile to complete but gives a really good medal, chair and android and a decent 125 necklace until you find something better.

    The best advice i can offer is experiment with trying different classes since everyone has a personal style of play and certain classes have play styles might catch your eye and If it not fun to you then try another until you find something that sticks with you.