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Jett Bugs that need to be addressed


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    Whorific wrote: »
    Aggraphine wrote: »
    See, I'm looking at this from the same perspective as, let's say, your child refusing to clean their room for months on end, and then finally cleaning a small amount of it and getting praise for it. And I don't mean a young "positive reinforcement to build self-esteem" child, I mean a kid who's damn sure old enough to clean up after themselves.

    Nexon isn't our parents. MapleStory is a business, first and foremost. They prioritize things that will be the most profitable. Jett is not a popular character so she's on the bottom of the priority list. Nexon doesn't owe us anything. We're just customers and we have to vote with our wallets... which means nothing for Jett because number of Jett players is tiny, regardless of whether they're paying customers or not. So, if we don't like the way it's handled, all we can do is take it or leave it.

    Voting with your wallet is already meaningless because you know damn well that's going clean out the window next time they announce miracle time or marvel/philo(assuming frenzy gets added back in)
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    Just bumping this thread, considering the class has been worked on and these issues continue.
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    Hey guys, guess what time it is - It's time to re-bump this thread as it still hasn't been addressed and none of these issues have been fixed despite all the feedback provided by Jett players!
    Updated the list again, if people want to point out new things or things that might have been fixed already, feel free to let me know. Want to keep this as a comprehensive and up-to-date list of all bugs still present with the class.
  • NoladolNoladol
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    "In Search of a Clue" Jett quest is still bugged. No items are being dropped that are needed to complete the quest.
  • VitalVital
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    The Gravity Crush bugs are worse than we thought

    The infamous bug - the AoE not increasing from 2450% to 6600% per line (at lv30) - is still the case after so many years. But after double-checking the damage values it seems the AoE is not even doing 2640% per line to begin with like it says it does. In fact, it only hits about 1674% per line. This is a HUGE disparity and I can't fathom how they could make a mistake like this and let it exist this way for YEARS.

    I've made a video showcasing the numbers as well as a few other Gravity Crush bugs. There are currently 5-6 bugs with Gravity Crush in total

    Nothing about Gravity Crush works properly:
    1. The AoE damage does not increase based on damage inflicted
    2. The AoE damage doesn't even deal the correct base damage; is incorrect by nearly 1000%
    3. The skill effect appears for everybody during any boss and despite any transparency settings
    4. The skill effect lags everybody who can see it; can even cause freezes upward of 1 second for every player including the caster
    5. The periodic damage sometimes skips a tick for no apparent reason
    6. The cooldown is bugged visually; once it reaches 30 seconds remaining, it immediately skips to 0
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    Attempting to bump thread as previous reply didn't bump it and issues in OP are still in the game (and kept sort of up-to-date)
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    Jett Quest "In Search of A Clue",they have fixed it in v216. But Jett's link have not updated like CMS TMS and MSEA.