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What to do at 73? And some other questions.

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Hi, here I am again.
I'm currently at 73 with my Wind Archer and I have no idea what to do.
my journal only has some Orbis quests as available. But they're all level 70. There are some party quests, but I need actual people to do those ones.
So my main goal is getting 100 for the 4th job class ASAP and I don't wanna grind a map for hours and hours. Are there some reeeeally good EXP places or long quest lines like Golden Beach or Mushroom Castle? All content I find on various content sites regarding quest lines or repeatable quests are gone for years. Why do the devs kill off so much content anyway?

Also I'd like to know where I can find the monster: "Golden Yeti and King Pepe". Presumably at the Mushroom Castle, but this map was revamped and the monsters changed?
I'd like to have him for the HP/MP recovery. Also familiar related: Does every familiar have all card rarities? From grey to purple? Or are some familiars just grey, some "sunny" and some have the purple rarity?
And probably the last: Is there a way to increasee my storage capacits without cashing big into the game on Luna? I mean, I have a small inventory which is permanently clogged with stuff I need. ETC. is a big mess. And the actual bank having only 4 slots is a joke and a kick in the soft spot. Do I have to create mules just to store some stuff?


  • wthNoIDwthNoID
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    revamped maps monsters are pretty much gone... forever until they get revamped back into game which is unlikely

    fastest way to 100+ is pure grinding in monsters
    depends on how strong the class is or how geared you are

    on avg you want find a map with monsters you can clear fast that are a bit above your level

    familiars have rarity's... what was it common,uncommon ,rare, legendary
    (some cant be obtained by ingame means tho others are just crazy rare, best are drop rate+ like big spider familiar)

    inventory needs early off... events/daily checks can give you stuff to expand character storage
    later once you start bossing maple reward point shop...
    if possible make a few cannoners for item storage until you get organized better (they have one biggest default invos)

    tho i would also recommend not to hold on to every item and only store what you need and can use again
    quest wise only quest item i could see staying in your invo are lunar dews/other quest line item...
    don't forget to look for bags for say profession stuff (and wouldnt recommend keeping all the items... so if your smithing/crafting wouldn't keep the herb items and if your a alch i wouldn't keep the ores) while could be useful later can easily brick your invo
  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    There is no lvl 70 theme dungeon except for the Afterlands, which is a really good dungeon where you can earn the only permanent non-event totems in the game, plenty of trait increasing items and it last all the way to 120 with monsters growing with you. You should read a guide for it though because due to some bugs you could get locked from completing it.

    If not the way to go is by doing quests in Orbis, Aqua Road , El Nath and Nihal Desert. If you complete all the local quests you earn a medal and a stamp so you can teleport to those cities using the maple guide. Most of the content got killed due to the ease to get to 100-160, where most of the juicy content is. You can also get some monster collection monsters, or even some familiars this way.

    Familiars are rare and difficult to obtain, some monsters might only drop their cards after thousands of kills if you don't have drop increase. The mobs I know that have some Hp/Mp recovery are the Jr. Boogie in Perion which recovers Mp and its really easy to obtain. The next is the Mutant Snail, but that only appears at lvl 160. As for Golden Yeti and King Pepe and other old monsters you can only get those from the card packs purchased with NX (not worth it)

    For the slots you should do Fairy Bros through the month (daily gifts) and you get 2 8-selector item coupons which give 8 item slots to any of your inventory tabs. After that the only way to get those is by events, such as the Hot Week (one of which is happening next week) or by events. October has some really good events and for Winter we might get the recent KMS Glory update which includes a coin shop that may include inventory coupons (don't quote me on that though). The other (much harder way) is to grind 5000 reward points by doing daily or dungeon bosses like Mole King, Captain Blackgoo, Demolisher and Black Viking all give some of those seeing as you have done the theme dungeons, and then later bosses like Zakum, Hilla and the like will be your source of points. The problem is that you can only get like 300 to 700 points per server reset this way and its a chore to do.