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Hey guys recently ive been wanting to main a theof class out of night lord, night walker and dual blade which is the strongest and what are the pros and cons lf each class please help :3


  • HuskyDMHuskyDM
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    From those iirc Dual Blades had the highest amount of damage but was the one that took a bit more work to Fund. I don't know much of the other two.
  • Penguinz0Penguinz0
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    Night Lord
    Pro: Pretty good mobbing skill (show down) which has extra exp and drop rate attached to it
    Con: Complete trash when throw star barrage is off (boss dpm is on par or lower than Bishop). Even with throw star barrage you have to get right in the boss' nose to hit every line. If the boss is small humanoid type boss, one bottom shuriken line is still gonna leak out even if your right in front of them cause NL is autistic ninja who throws shuriken at the ground. In short, he's trash without throw star barrage, he has to get super close to bosses to get full use out of barrage, he has very soft body with low defense, and doesn't even have a single iframe skill. And his other 5th job, Shurrikane, contradicts with barrage by requiring you to throw it from certain distance to make full use out of it.

    Dual Blade
    Pro: Incredible damage in boss fights (pretty sure DB is strongest adv theif in bossing) with some of the best burst dmg skills in the game. High survivability with 2 iframe moves and high def. Very good mobility. Pretty good mobbing ability after 5th job. Doesn't really need high ign def because ign def is attached to most of its skills.
    Con: Requires $$$$$$$ because of 2ndary blade and tough v-matrix. Short range of your attack skills in both mobbing and bossing.

    Pro: Has 4 AoE skills with short cd, so mobbing in small map is pretty damn good. High survivability and mobility. Good damage from both boss skill and mobbing skill.
    Con: Too much action delay after skills. Mobbing with that slow @ss shadow step gives your tumor a cancer. Not so ez attack mechanic in boss fights due to need of keeping up with body count stacks. Boss fights are greatly hindered due to crap ping from crap server (like Dawn Warrior). EXTREMELY low # of hits. Upcoming patch, where they deleted +1 enemy attack on assassinate enhancement core, pretty much killed her MuLung ability. Mobbing ability goes down when you're moving to higher level maps where maps are much bigger (this doesn't matter i guess since you can frenzy/fury smaller maps)

    Funny story about shadower's recent nerf in kms patch. They deleted +1 enemy attack on assassinate enhancement core, which was necessary for shadower to clear Mu Lung floor with multiple mobs, and replaced it with +10% dmg when attacking NORMAL MOBS (on a bossing skill lmao). They pretty much spat and rubbed salts on the wounds that shadowers got from the nerf. Classic MS balancing. 10/10
  • darikdarik
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    Another thread that ask the comunity to choose a main for him,ok ima tell u what to do and u need to mindlessly follow it,because thats whatlt ure asking for:play mw because yes, no questions asked , just be a sheep. End of thread.
  • FuhreakFuhreak
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    Don't go for the "strongest" balance patches are a thing. Go for whatever class makes you feel good.
    That is literally all that matters. Pick a main because it's fun, that's the #1 goal for a video game.
    If being a strong class is what you find fun, you might be playing the wrong genre, because as I said, patches happen.
    darik wrote: »
    Another thread that ask the comunity to choose a main for him,ok ima tell u what to do and u need to mindlessly follow it,because thats whatlt ure asking for:play mw because yes, no questions asked , just be a sheep. End of thread.

    These threads are slightly annoying if there are a lot of them. But there's no need to bump them if they're already getting pushed down in the list.
    He says while bumping the thread.

  • StarryKnightStarryKnight
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    Im a night lord and I'm going to be entirely honest. Night Walker is pretty much superior in every way currently. They have a personal bind, they have an iframe, their assassin mark equivalent skill requires lower stat to one hit at higher levels, they have a vertical movement skill, their DPS is less burst dependent, they have a nice dodge skill with backstep, the one thing they are weak in before fifth job is mobbing, but shadow spear generally makes up for that, and once you can one shot with bats, mobbing actually becomes easier on Night Walker than on Night Lord. This means that their mobbing is kinda dependent on funding in the end.

    Night Lords have slightly better horizontal mobility, but worse vertical mobility, our bossing is generally just inferior next to a comparably equipped night walker, though night walker also has other mobility skills, like swapping places with servant, that actually make night walker mobility slightly better, especially in late game when bossing becomes an important part of gameplay.

    The only reason I stay Night Lord is because I have played a night lord since 06' its a fun class, and I don't really like the way the keyboard works when sticky keys is on, and night walker DPS almost requires you to have it set to on. For me, with sticky keys on it feels like you can't really hold keys down and press other keys, you have to press and release every key for every action you want to perform, which makes it feel less fluid to me, but if you can get past that its basically a better class overall.

    Consider also the recent nerf to spread throw, especially given how almost every class got a buff in that patch, but night lords got a nerf, despite the fact that we were already near the bottom of the DPS charts. Nexon has been ignoring or crapping on night lords for a very long time now. If I wasn't already so stuck in the way I play the class, I'd go night walker without a doubt.