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July 3, 1998
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Even the littlest squeak from a mouse can make a difference
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World: Scania Ign: Squeaki


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  • Ohmysweetie
    Hi.The operator has already posted a notice of criticism and deleted all the articles. So You don't have to start mention this happened again. Please remove the mention about me. i understand what do you wants to help me. Thank you about that.
    11:25AM EDITED 11:25AM
    Please make posts to this thread only if you are entering the contest with a design. This is not the appropriate place for leaving criticisms or feedback regarding submitted designs. If you do find one you like, be sure to give the posting a thumbs up.
    Overall, really like all of the creative designs submitted so far.
    img]*edit honestly i don't like all drama that has been going on especially all the unnecessary bumping of post and quoting i have noticed on the forum. if you guys are going to quote someone it would be better if you use the spoiler function or just do a mention. other than that it seems annoyi....
    August 2017
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