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    May 2023
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    May 2023
  • TheLoyalSin
    Continued... Make more single or double only platforms monster maps for level 230/235 + for less AOE classes.
    Levelling up in guild should earn you 500 contribution everytime.
    All buffs should have an extra 60 sec base time for longer buff duration.
    December 2020
  • TheLoyalSin
    Hi people, I'm not sure if this is the right place.. but I will still post what I want to talk about. This is for everyone to read about making changes to
    maplestory permanently. Feel free to put out your opinions & take my ideas to put to use, thanks. I've always wanted to do this & make these changes
    if I could under nexon/gms. Let's together make this come true for the better of maplestory! Thanks again!

    Make at least 2 maple events permanent like awakening & maple globe for eg. to be less boring & more opportunity for f2p players, coin shops reset every 6 months.
    Make a one or two obtainable special titles with high/strong stats above the characters head when equipped with permanent stats, like root abyss master title for example.
    Create the EXP boss, this boss has a lot of hp, that's the only difficult thing about the boss. Obtain 5% exp upon defeating weekly in a party or solo. 1 hour time to eliminate boss. For levels 230-250 max. To be continued...
    December 2020
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