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  • YinYangX
    Maplestory took out contribution on level up to discourage making mules and power leveling them.
    Most core buffs don't even have cooldowns so what you're asking for is just "let me buff less cause I'm lazy". Also, there's way to increase buff duration either through inner ability and other such methods already implemented in the game. Also, base buff duration is already set to 3m/cycle, which match up with 15m and 30m coupon cycles, while your suggested 4m wouldn't.
    Next time, maybe make your own thread instead of trying to leach off other actual thread.
    June 2023
    • TheLoyalSin
      Hello, the/this particular topic I posted about was 2 years ago. Well, first off.. you didn't have to give me attitude & be so discouraging & stingy. I'm a long time loyal MapleStory player & I'm quite high ended. I just recently returned to play MapleStory again & I'm still going to continue publishing my ideas to improve MapleStory, I've updated my ideas. And sorry for posting my ideas on the wrong thread(s), page(s) or forum(s) because I was quite excited to share my ideas & were new to these forums. Well, my ideas just give the game MapleStory more contents to keep players more engaging. Contents for level 120 + players, not just high level players. Maybe you had a bad day, because you basically lashed out on me without giving my ideas any thought or consideration whatsoever.. like 100% negative & 0% positive. And you called me lazy & selfish without even knowing who I am, I'm sorry but what you did was unacceptable. I've been trying to delete your comment off of my profile page. Let's start over, please remove your negative comments on my profile page if it's possible to.. thank you.
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    Wow. You've been a member for 5 years. Thank you for being a member of our community.
    November 2022
  • YinYangX
    You just listed a title that matches your request, the Root Abyss Master title, so why put in another title that's basically the same?
    Outside of the event boss Mitsuhide, there hasn't been a boss that changes according to lvl (at least to my memory), you request for a "high hp boss" again just cripples people with low damage and rewards people with high damage. You can't just slap on a defeat time on bosses and also say "only difficult thing about the boss" is high hp. That has no challenge and goes against the concept of "bossing". What you're proposing is take general grinding and just slap it onto one big monster so you can be a bit lazier once a week.
    Both your "leveling help" suggestions being limited to just your level shows how selfish you are, smh. You actually want to sound even a bit helpful, you should have left the level limits off or at least put some justification other than the implied "I'm stuck at these level so I want to make it easier for myself."
    January 2021
  • YinYangX
    You legitimately just went and copied+paste your unrelated comment on like three different thread.
    A "permeant event" isn't an event, it's game content. We have tera/burning to help new players get a higher level character faster and that comes around like twice a year. If you're talking about an "event coin shop" that reset semi-annually but can grind for throughout the year, considering some of the items there, every time it resets, anyone who's been playing for a longer time would be able to almost insta buy out the shop, which puts then farther ahead from new players, which goes against what you want with making it easier for new players. Also, most of the long term valuable items from coin shops usually come back with each coin shop, so the only thing you're really asking for is to remove the coin cap, which Maple implemented to give people without drop gear a semi-equal standing with those who did and to prevent people from mass farming and "finishing" the event in like a week.
    January 2021
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