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  • Experienced it once. After that, stopped receiving the error, but still constantly experiencing DCs. After the game crashes, launcher would be broken until I restart. It's getting annoying. Edit: Just experienced a crash again. Guess I'm hopping …
  • I forgot about Jetts honestly lol. I don't think enough players care about Jett for MS to revamp them. Kind of sad though. Jett was one of my first classes after coming back.
  • Kingofrunes wrote: » Makes me wonder how the game blew up this spectacularly. Did their servers go haywire or something. I was just working on my 5th job advancement. I really hope we don't get rolled back cause that would suck. Put in a lot of e…
  • Yeah, caught me off guard. Glad to know other people are experiencing the same thing as me. Would be nice if there was an announcement.
  • Jett was one of my first classes in Scania. I find Jetts pretty weak compared to the other classes, with not that great of a skillset to work with. This is my own opinion.
    in Jett. Comment by xLelouchz December 2016
  • I personally prefer the lion king set, but I've picked up some pensalir mostly from the recommended monsters on the maple guide.
  • What sucks is that those are about to expire too. Can't even use a macro buff and climb ropes. Hopefully this gets fixed soon, hoping to level up throughout the winter.
  • In NA server, my Maplestory keeps on crashing while I put in my PIN. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. Was hoping to level up through the weekend.