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  • They're getting banned because Nexon doesn't know what's wrong with their autoban system since it's rumored to have been affecting legit players as well. People on reddit have tried to intentionally get banned on a kanna on a new account by recordin…
  • I'd honestly be fine if everything that needed to be fixed, was fixed. They had approx 16 hours to fix and apply a 7 hour patch so that means everything should be working fine right?
  • I have no idea what you're talking about and even if I could even remotely guess what you're on about, it'll probably be something to do with the anti-matter drops and/or the special tokens that drop from CERTAIN monsters during invasion. Has it …
  • What did they do in those 5-6 hours of maintenance? Nothing has changed. I admit its definitely lag-free for me so that's a godsend. But can't select worlds again, can't make party, cant switch channels, etc. Back to square 1.
  • Lagging is a privilege since most of us can't even get into the game.
  • myyybaad wrote: » What about fixing the "Trainer's Command" quest that gives you the skill to equip multiple pets. There are quite a few people who are experiencing this glitch. People are wasting NX to buy a "pet snack" not knowing it might not w…
  • The only new class we hope to get this year is the Server class.
  • I do know Miracle Times are 4 times a year but i'm not sure when those 4 times are. Maybe once per season so mid-spring? No idea.
  • Lag feels like 800+ ping in game every day since new year's patch..Which is hilarious when you think about how the only thing Nexon can do consistently is lag.
  • You must be extremely optimistic if you're expecting compensation. Nexon's logic is currently "It's only 3 boxes missed; Why do we need compensation for 3 boxes?"