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  • Drakeos99 wrote: » Since we limited once a day and then we have 5 for maple reward (for entire event and doesn't reset) which kinda seems unfair for those want to get badge/title and pocket item mean while on non-reboot can get them for 22k NX .…
  • AlexandreFournier wrote: » Dark20 wrote: » While I was soing the sengokuing event, the boss version of cannoneer gets laser version of cannon bazooka but the players version don't get it? How do you justify that nexon? They aren't going to re…
  • Neospector wrote: » I take that back, now I've deleted two posts. @Dark20 Direct insults against people are not allowed. You have been warned about this. Criticism is valid, insults are not. Everyone in this thread should be acting as civil…
  • Aggraphine wrote: » What is it with you and lasers and making thread after thread after thread to ask a ridiculous question? Cause without laser skills, how will I kill an entire row of mobs?
  • Nexon continues to fail us.............. How disappointing............. If only HIme was here...........
  • AznboiE wrote: » Dark20 wrote: » Not sorry for what? Oh I see! Nexon should really let people upload images directly. It says "not found". How bout now? I use google + (since no one uses it) to upload all my weird crap. Bummer it doesnt …
  • DeeMon wrote: » Aggraphine wrote: » So do we need classes now for every single character that's fleshed out further than "FETCH ME TWENTY BEAR ASSES"? There are 41 classes and people are already crying about how horrible it is of Nexon to all…
  • AznboiE wrote: » foussiremix wrote: » Orca? Sounds cool playing as whale. [img]https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-uaB65hZ_u2U/WKO7HGouKHI/AAAAAAAABXU/dkikIndO1Got__x4uasrBvMJuS_yQ6qkgCJoC/w467-h464-p-rw/BannedStory_canvas.png[/img I'm not so…
  • Lilyflower wrote: » Dark20 wrote: » Once again, I wanna apologize for all the bashing after all the frustration from seeing all the changes from all the classes. I wanna see nexon improve though not just on content, but on fixing lag issues. …
  • Is this Hime? https://twitter.com/omghime?lang=en